Happy anny.

We recently celebrated our anniversary.  Tonight, we had Lori and Pooh over for dinner and popped open one of our oldies.

It was a bottle from a winery that we visited on our honeymoon – an almost 20 year old chianti that we brought back with us.  The cork didn’t leak or budge in the last two decades, so the wine was really pretty good!  I am very happy to be able to share it with friends.

Back in the hood.

I joined five of my girlfriends yesterday at the Infinite Monkey Theorem winery & taproom to catch each other up on what’s been going on the first two months of this year. It was, after all National Drink Wine Day! Like we need a reason. 🙂

Empty nest.  

Not ones to miss a taproom visit opportunity, we left an hour early to take Fran and family to the airport, stopping in at the Live Oak Brewing Company right across the highway from the Austin airport.  It sure beats the cellphone lot!

Back home, the house is sadly quiet.  Except for Keeto asking “who’s here?”  We await our next visitors!

Colleen sent me these cute wine glass charm birdies.  We tried them out last night.   Cheers!

Un Pinot Gris pour un jour gris.

A glass of white at the end of the day.

It rained yesterday and last night and has been drizzly today – a gray day, indeed.   But I am not complaining…not til the lake is full.

I downloaded the Color Splash Studio app for my Mac a couple months ago, but have never taken the time to figure out how to use it.   This is my first attempt.   It allows you to manually remove colors from a color photo.   I know I should just get Photoshop, but I’m playing around a bit with other tools first.

For some reason this song popped into my head as I was writing up this post…just try keeping it out of your head for the next day or two.  🙂

Feb 21, 2011

What the Doctor ordered.

Nobody really likes Mondays.  But, today was especially unpleasant for me as I seem to have gotten some kind of stomach bug in the morning that laid me low all day.

Later in the evening we had a light dinner with some rose’ wine — not something we typically drink.   This is an inexpensive rose’ cabernet savingnon from South Africa called Mulderbosch.   We tried it once at a wine tasting at a nearby wine store and liked it.  So, it has stayed on our list.

Just what I needed to end a yucky day.

Jun 15, 2010

Nice white

I went to take some shots out back tonight — I saw a hummingbird at one of the feeders in the backyard for the first time.   But, alas, my camera battery was dead.    I went to get my spare, and it was still in my backpack from the lake trip, and it too was dead.

After recharging both, it was getting a bit late in the evening to be really creative.  So, I took a picture of one of the first things I saw — this bottle of Snowline Pinot Gris.   It’s my current favorite white wine.   And, it’s inexpensive.