If you hang around Central Texans long enough, you will learn that we are fond of bestowing our own pronunciation on the names of some of our favorite local places; confounding out-of-towners, I’m sure.

One of those place names is “Pedernales” – the name of a river, a series of water falls, and a state park.  Take note:  locals refer to it as “per-din-al-iss.”

Whether or not you can say it right, you must go see all three.   I took a day trip and visited Pedernales Falls State Park today.   I enjoyed visiting their bird blind, walking down to the Falls, scoping out birds while hiking, doing a little geocaching, and taking in the beautiful scenery on a gorgeous day.


The falls from the scenic vantage point above:




Interstate caching. 

My meetings wrapped up atound 6 o’clock.  I had about an hour and a half til sunset.   So…. I set out for the woods before coming back to my hotel for an evening of email and work.   I’m close to the border of Connecticut and New York where I’m staying, so I managed to find geocaches in both states tonight.  

This is a placid pond I came across along one of the trails.   


Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

Salad fixins to-be.

I made it home last night at 11:45, so I was able to give Monte a birthday hug before it was over, after all.

We’re having a lovely Saturday, so far.  I love being home.

I enjoyed walking around the yard this morning to see what had changed in the last week.   Just 7 days ago monte planted some rows of lettuce seed.  As you can see in the shot above, by this morning they’ve formed little green lines of lettuce seedlings.

We took a walk through the park at the end of our street this morning and ended up looking for one geocache there that has eluded us several times.  We couldn’t find it again today.  (darnit!)  When we got home I looked it up again to read recent comments from people who had found it.   It bugged me so much that we decided to go back to try to find it again.  We also checked the magnetic declination (the difference between magnetic and true north) for our area and updated the GPS.  And this time we took our bikes.   We ended up finding it… FINALLY… and then went on to look for (and found) two others in another park nearby.  Whew.  What a relief.

Now we’re plotting how to spend the rest of St Patrick’s Day.

I hope you have a great one, too!

Planting a cache.


Geo-caching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game, where you look for hidden containers, or “geo-caches,” using GPS-enabled devices.  People can post the coordinates for caches they have hidden, for others to find.  And geo-cachers can share their stories of their finds online.

We enjoy geo-caching in the nearby parks and woodlands.  And we especially enjoy taking other people, especially kids, geo-caching with us when they visit.

On my last birthday, Monte bought me an ammo-case, which is the perfect thing to use for a geo-cache because it is durable and has a rubber gasket around the top, which makes it relatively weatherproof.

Today we took Fran, Rebecca and Aaron geo-caching in the greenbelt near our house, and I brought my own geo-cache to hide.  Inside my geocache is a disposable camera, so when people find and open the cache, they can take a picture of themselves, and leave the camera inside for the next people.  The shot above shows the cache, as we left it.

We found 4 out of 6 caches that we were looking for… not bad.  The kids, big and small, had fun.

After we got home I posted the coordinates of my new cache to   Now I can monitor it online for log entries from people that have found it.

Check out for caches near you to look for and find.  Happy hunting!

Dec 27, 2010

I LOVE vacation!

We went for a bikeride this afternoon.  It was a sunny, crisp day.

We took a ride through nearby Yett Creek park and decided to go geocaching, since we had the GPS with us.  We found three caches (here’s a pic if you want to check them out) for which we had preloaded coordinates ahead of time.   I use the website to look up coordinates, and log the ones we find.

What a fun afternoon!