Sunday drive.

Monte and I drove out Highway 290 on Sunday. It was a really lovely day for a drive.

Autumn means pumpkins!

Autumn zinnies!

Autumn wine on the veranda!

A good day.


It’s been raining since the end of April in Central Texas. A weird happening. It’s so humid and WET outside. The plants are loving it though.

Purple coneflowers in their 4th year blooming with little help from me.
Our sago palm is finally showing signs of life after the big freeze.
Zinnias abound with help from Monte’s green thumb
Impatient for impatiens, but they don’t disappoint.

Life is good on the ranch.

Practice makes perfect.

I am still working on improving my manual focus skill with my Olympus camera.   In this picture, I was trying to focus on the butterfly, but turns out I got an absolutely crisp image of the opening zinnia that is just above and to the right of where I was trying to focus.   I’ll keep trying…


Made it!

Yes, one more.

Yay Friday!  Made it through another week.  Got a very early start.

Monte worked in the shop all day.   After work we picked up Julie and went out for Indian.

I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend.  I hope yours is, as well.

My cousin and Aunt will be visiting tomorrow morning.  After that we’ll be headed to the lake.

Late tomorrow night, Saturday, August 11, and early morning Sunday, August 12,  the Perseids Meteor shower hits its peak.  In Austin the moon won’t rise until about 3AM, so I’m hoping we’ll have a great view and get to see some good burners.   There’s supposed to be 30-50 meteors an hour.  We’ll be watching from our boat, anchored up in a dark cove on the lake.  🙂  If you want to take a peek as well, here’s a link with more info on where and when to look.

The shot above is of yet another zinnia in the garden.   Have a great weekend!

Orange you glad to see another zinnie pic?

Zinnie in the garden.

The rains have been sucked up by very thirsty trees, flowers and lawn.  This is a shot of one of the zinnias in the garden — a pretty fiery orange one.

July 4th’s Eve raftup.

Yes, another zinnie shot.

I’m off of work for the rest of the week (YAY!).  We headed to the lake today for a raftup with friends in Arky south.  We’ve got the coolers packed, and the kayak on the trailer, and we’re off!

This is a shot of one of the zinnias out back.  They’re so pretty!

First zinnie of the year.

Pretty pink zinnia.

We headed to the lake today to spend the night.  Before going we spent time in the yard watering, trimming and tidying.  This is one of 2 zinnias that Monte cut to bring in the house.  These were the first ones to bloom.  Many more to come.

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