Last pie.

One of my favorite restaurants, Brick Oven, closed today. They gave their customers a heads up a couple of months ago. It wasn’t for COVID-induced lack of business, rather the anchor grocery store in their location is expanding to take over all the attached businesses. We are in mourning, but enjoying a final Tuscan Truffle pizza. Best evah.

Please, please, please, Brick Oven, find a new location to re-open in. I’ll be the first one in line.


Pics of last night’s bounty, using homemade dough, homemade sauce, and home grown basil.

Savory margherita:

Freaking awesome prosciutto with onion, mushroom, and kalamata olive:

Luscious toasted parmesan on pizza crust:

I loves me those leftovers!

Quarantine meal.

We joined in the Becker Vineyards virtual wine tasting last night of their 2018 Cabernet-Syrah Reserve.   It sure went well with pizza!


Mmmm, pizza pizza.

Doray was in North Austin for a few days this week to watch grandkids play in a basketball tournament, so Tom came up as well to stay over Saturday night for dinner and cards.  Monte whipped up his dough, and we enjoyed savory pizza goodness.  Our version of Brick Oven’s Tuscan Truffle pizza:IMG_0218

Remnants of a Margherita pizza and a Meatasaurus pizza:IMG_0220

SOOO good!

Fun in the sun.

We enjoyed floating and fishing with Lori and Mike and four of his grandkids today on Nirvana, anchored in our favorite cove on Lake Travis. It was a fun time. The kids were great, and they caught 4 fish between them!

We checked out Brick Oven’s Jazz night for dinner. The patio was full, though, so we had to sit inside.

Another good day!

Imitation is the finest form of flattery.

We love to make homemade pizza at the house.  Monte has longed to have a wood-fired pizza oven of our own.  We opted out of one when we remodeled the kitchen a few years back.  For Christmas this year I got him a Kettle Pizza kit for making pizza outdoors, on the grill.  It had great reviews and seemed to be worth checking out.

We also love the pizza from our local Brick Oven pizza restaurant.  We like to call it the second best pizza in town – next to ours. 🙂

There is one pizza they make that is fantastic and we have always wanted to try making it ourselves: the Tuscan Truffle.

So…tonight we fired up the kettle and gave it a go.  And…. We NAILED IT!
Here is a shot if our first try in the kettle:


Tuscan Truffle pizza

The “sauce” is a mushroom pesto – made out of sautéed mushrooms, parmesan cheese and truffle oil puréed in a food processor. The toppings are prosciutto and mozzarella cheese (just a little, not much of either).  It only took about 5 minutes in the kettle pizza oven.  After removing,  add arugula and grated asiago cheese on top to wilt / melt from the heat of the pizza.  Drizzle a little more truffle oil on top and VOILA!  Delicious.


A delicious way to heat the house.

Julie came over to watch the game with us this afternoon. Sadly, my Seahawks lost today (sniffle). No time to wallow in it, though. After the game we got busy making pizza. Nice, too, since its still frosty outside.
This is a new one we tried. Monte took some chicken left over from grilling it the other night. We used a mild BBQ sauce instead of tomato sauce. Onions and mozzarella on top and…. Yum!


Pizza artistry.

Friday. Yahooty!

Monte made some pizza dough and we slung a few pies while we visited with Joe tonight. It was nice to see him. Our visits with b-dock folks have been too few and far between, lately.

This was one of four perfect pizzas tonight. A thing of beauty:


Happy happy joy joy.

It’s pizza night!  These are the works of art from tonight’s installment.  Rachel and Julie were the pizza artistes.  Monte’s homemade crusts, of course.  The top left one is margherita with tomatoes, mozzarella, home grown basil and olive oil (instead of red sauce). Top right is tomato sauce, prosciutto, onion, basil, red pepper, olive and goat cheese.  Bottom left and right are varying amounts of prosciutto, mushroom, olive, onion, red pepper and mozz.
Yum – life is good !


Tuesday night at the chez.

We had a bit of a late start for dinner.  But it was worth the wait.  Monte whipped up some pizza dough and Julie and I were on toppings duty.  We played a few rounds of rummikub – a fun tile game that’s a mix of rummy and dominoes.  Try it. You’ll like it.  That goes for the pizza or the game. 🙂


Grill grub

Hibachi pie.

Monte whipped up a batch of his pizza doughs this afternoon.  Instead of our usual thin, thin crust in the oven on the pizza stone, he wanted to give it a try on the grill this time.   We’ve tried grilled pizza before… once we put a pizza stone on top of the grate in a Weber charcoal grill and tried, unsuccessfully, to cook a loaded pizza dough on top.  After that experiment, we ended up with 3 or 4 inedible pizzas that were black on the bottom and raw on top.  And, the pizza stone eventually broke in 2 from the heat.

This time, he had something else in mind.   We have a charcoal hibachi grill out back as well.  This time he put one of our cast iron grill plates on the hibachi, and put the pizza dough on top of that.  After turning it the dough once, he put sauce and cheese on top while the other side was grilling.   It only took a few minutes per side – and it turned out great.

Viva la pizza!

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