That’s a wrap. 

We raced in Friday night’s beercan regatta with Kurt.  We came in 2nd!  And it was a 3 boat race, at that.  Light winds but a lovely sunset. 



Beautiful view.

We spent the weekend on the lake — floating with Marty & Sue, and doing some boat chores.  I got up at 1 AM and 3:30 AM early Sunday morning to try to see meteors from the Perseids shower, but didn’t spot any.  We went for a fun sail late on Sunday afternoon in some good north winds.  The cold front that they brought in will drop our temps into the frosty mid-nineties for a change this week.  🙂

This view never gets old…



Her third Fourth.

Our niece, Laura, has been visiting us for the last few days.  Yesterday afternoon we headed out to the lake to spend the night at our marina with a group of friends.  Today we enjoyed a great sail up and down the lake.  We figured that this is the third 4th of July that Laura has spent with us on Lake Travis.   I’m looking forward to the next one.



Bird on a wire.

We spent a fun weekend on the lake.  Sunday morning, I was greeted by 7 or 8 little barn swallows grooming themselves on the lifelines and jib sheets of the boat next to us.  I stole this shot of one in the morning sun.  It’s hard to get a good photo of these little ones because they usually dart around and never light on anything close by.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Ladies’ sail. 

Yesterday I took Julie and six of her girlfriends out for a day on the lake for her birthday.  We sailed to the cove and then anchored.  Sunbathing, floating, grilling, music, dancing and laughter ensued.   I enjoyed a beautiful day with a lovely group of young women.

(photo manipulated with iPhone app Brushstroke)


It’s Memorial Day weekend, and you know what that means!   Yep, the annual Turnback Canyon Regatta; a two day sailboat race up the river from the Austin Yacht Club to Lago Vista and back.  We didn’t race, but our friends Kurt, Kevin and Gordon did, so we cruised up and anchored overnight with them.   There is a festival on-shore with live music and food, and it’s just a fun weekend overall.  Marty & Sue and Lori & Mike joined us, which made it all the more fun.   Memorial Day weekend is when we all say it is time to get in the water.  Lake temps were about 74 degrees, so we all jumped in.   It only gets warmer from here on out.   Good times await.

It was a tad humid and hazy, but any day on the water is a good day.


The view anchored off of Bar K Park for the night.   We tried to count all the masts, but never we ended up with the same number twice.   Consensus was anywhere from 40-45 sailboats.


From the Sunday sail home.   I count 32-ish sails in this one shot.



Sails aloft.

We ended up sleeping on the boat in our slip last night.  Lori, Marty & Sue, and Joe did the same.  Sunday morning we all hung around and visited.  In the afternoon, Monte and I went out on Marty & Sue’s boat and went for a great sail up past Windy Point and back.   The winds were sporting!  Here’s a shot from that trip.


Sun set on a lovely lake day.

Today was one of our first days on the lake this year!   Usually we’ve been tearing it up for several months already.  But life has keps us both busy.   Julie and Ryan joined us for the day.   We were excited to see Marty and Sue and their beautiful new boat!

We both went out for a sail in light winds.  It was nice to be out there – a beautiful sunny day.

Back at the marina, we enjoyed watching the setting sun together.  The lake is at 683.66, several feet over full.   The water is flooding parts of the parking lot at the marina.  A site we have not seen for 6 years or more.   The flood gates on the dam will be opened on Monday to lower Lake Travis a bit, as more rain is expected next week.  I have not forgotten the feeling that many years of drought brought, but to see the lake brimming is truly a sight to see.


BVI 2016!


Sheila365 has been rather quiet lately, as I’ve had many irons in the fire.   But I’m making up for it with this long post.  For the past week and half, I’ve been enjoying our latest sailing trip to the British Virgin Islands.  Before that, I was busy just getting ready to leave.

This year, Colleen and Lee joined Monte and I on a 40′ Beneteau called Forever Young.  Also on the trip were Kurt, Ken, Kevin and Greg on the guys’ boat, Ada, a 43′ Beneteau.  This is our fourth trip to the BVI, each time coming back to charter from ProValor Charters, well-run by Jim Gulczynski & Cecilia Donegan.

We all flew to San Juan, Puerto Rico and met up.  The next morning we headed to Tortola and the boat fun began.

Our island hopping route, more or less:


Our boat, Forever Young, is on the right in this shot, and the guys’ boat, Ada, is on the left.  This shot is from Little Harbour on Jost Van Dyke.


I brought my new big-girl camera, equipped with polarizing filters for the lenses.  I was excited to try it out.   It seems to have worked, the blues and greens in some of these shots are nearly as amazing as the real thing.   I took way too many pictures to upload here, but here are a mess of my favorite shots.

Day 1:  Fat Hogs Bay, Tortola

So it begins….


Day 2: Tortola – Indians – Little Harbor, Jost Van Dyke

The BVI Spring Regatta was underway the first few days we were there.  We had front row seats.


One of the races literally sailed through the mooring ball field at The Indians just off our stern.  We we had stopped there to snorkel for the afternoon.




We sailed to Jost:IMG_0076

We caught a ball for the night in Little Harbour.  This is a shot looking towards Tortola.  Lobster at Abe’s for dinner!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Day 3:  Little Harbour – White Bay – Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke

We sailed into White Bay, and snorkeled the reef.  While we were doing that, a 40′ cat hit the reef just a few feet away from us, leaving bits of its hull floating to shore (!)

After some painkillers at Soggy Dollar bar, we headed to Great Harbour for the night.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA12’s representing at Foxy’s:


Day 4:  Jost – Key Bay, Peter Island

We sailed to Peter Island to a bay that we had anchored in overnight 2 trips ago.  The weather permitted us to do it again this trip.   We had the place to ourselves.

This is a shot looking east from Key Bay, Key Cay to the right, more of Peter Island in the background.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Glorious sunsets.  St John USVI in the background of this shot:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And yet another:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGoodnight, Forever Young:


I saw the Southern Cross constellation overnight.  It was due south from us, just above Norman Island – I didn’t get a photo, but my SkyGuide app image will give you an idea of what I saw:


Day 5:  Peter Island – Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda

We enjoyed a long sail up to the North Sound of Virgin Gorda, and caught a ball in Leverick Bay.  Our refrigerator had died on us, so we had to toss some of our provisions.   But the repair guy was quickly on the boat and had us back in business in very short order.

We went ashore to Kurt’s friend’s villa overlooking Leverick Bay for dinner.  The food and the views were divine.

A shot on the way to Virgin Gorda:


On a mooring ball in Leverick Bay, looking out through the Mosquito cut at a clipper sailing by:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Views from the villa:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA





Day 6:  Leverick – The Baths – Cooper Island

Heading out of North Sound, Ada is right behind us; Leverick Bay is in the background:


Going by Mosquito Point:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Rain in the distance outside North Sound:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We got a ball at The Baths and dinghied ashore.  It was as beautiful as ever, but we encountered just way too many people inside along the trail (with tour guides)  – more than I have ever seen before.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then we motored on over to Cooper for the night.  Ada had kindly saved us a ball.  We went snorkeling at Cistern point:


Painkillers, bougainvilla and critters ashore at Cooper Island Beach Club:IMG_0082IMG_0087

And, the unbeatable sunset views looking out over Tortola:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Day 7:  Cooper – Fat Hogs – The Caves – The Bight, Norman Island

We sailed on the outside of Norman to The Caves for a snorkel, then caught a ball in The Bight on Norman Island for the night.  Dinner ashore at the Pirate’s Bight.

Somewhere in the Atlantic:


The Indians and Pelican Island from the Bight:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

In the Bight for the night, Treasure point to the right:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Day 8:  Norman – Sandy Cay – Diamond Cay & Little Jost Van Dyke

We sailed to Sandy Cay for lunch and a trip ashore.   We anchored first, and then saw that they now have mooring balls – they didn’t the last time we were here.


Then we got the next to last ball in front of Foxy’s Taboo at Diamond Cay.  Little Jost was just to our port:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I caught a rare not-blurry-shot from the boat of the sliver moon and Mercury below it to the right, just barely visible over the hill of Jost:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Day 9:  Little Jost – Monkey Point, Guana Island – Tortola

The next morning we walked ashore to the Bubbly Pool.


Mangroves in the bay:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Waves breaking on the rocks:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



And the Bubbly Pool in action:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We decided to head east to complete a circumnavigation of Tortola for this trip.  We stopped at Monkey Point on Guana Island, and then headed back to the marina for the night.




One last look over at Cooper, on our way into Fat Hog’s Bay:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Day 10:  Homeward bound

Up early and headed home.  Flying over Trellis Bay.  Goodbye BVI!


Looking to the east at Virgin Gorda with the Dogs in the foreground:IMG_0094

Now I’m back home with great memories, lots of pictures, and these treasures:IMG_0109

Breezy day.

Yesterday we went to the lake and Joel joined us with his out of town visitor, Chris.   We sailed up to the basin and back.  Winds gusting in the high 20’s & low 30’s made for a great day.

This is a shot of Kurt & Kevin on Dancer, who sailed along with us for the day.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A great day for a sail.

Yesterday was pleasantly windy – 15+ knots.   So we set out for the lake and met up with Lori & Joe on Camelot, and Kurt & Kevin on Dancer, for a long sail towards the dam.  We managed to weave our way through the Austin Yacht Club regattas, and made it to Mansfield Dam Park and turned around.   What a marvelous day!   We had a slip up and talked all night with Lori & Joe.  Just like old times.  I miss the rest of the gang! 🙂

Here’s a shot of Camelot on the way back.