Lazy, hazy weekend.

It’s hard to believe that 2018 is half-lived already, this first day of July.

The Saharan dust has arrived, making the Hill Country very hazy, this is one view from FM 620 looking out over Steiner Ranch.

And it is HOT! Lake Travis water temp is 83 degrees F, and the air temp is 20 degrees hotter. The only way to beat the heat is to get out on and in the water.

We enjoyed a fun weekend on the lake. Saturday, we floated and visited with Sue, Marty, Kurt, Gordon, and Margaret, and slept on the boat. This morning we gathered below to watch Spain’s loss to Russia in the knock-out round of the World Cup, and then went for a sail in nice winds.

We’re back home and worn out. I’m looking forward to more Fourth of July lake fun next week.

That’s a wrap. 

We raced in Friday night’s beercan regatta with Kurt.  We came in 2nd!  And it was a 3 boat race, at that.  Light winds but a lovely sunset. 


Barton Springs, Lake Travis, and a shanghai’ed uncle.

Days 3, 4 and 5 of our visit with family brought a trip to Barton Springs, Sno-beach snocones, a brewery crawl, an overnight at anchor on the boat on Lake Travis, and pizza night.  The weekend was filled with swimming, diving and floating.   A brother-in-law from Houston drove to Austin and he spent the night with us on the boat – whether he knew he was going to or not 🙂

I love the chance to spend this time with family.  Keeto will be devastated when everyone leaves tonight.

This is a shot from the southern end of Barton Springs pool, looking north to the Austin skyline.  The background has changed much since Mary Doerr captured the same vantage point years ago – the Capitol building is now obscured by skyscrapers.  But the pool in the foreground is exactly the same.



Family time in the garden. 

We are spending the weekend at a family reunion this weekend.  Our hostess, Susanne’s, garden is the perfect setting.  Everywhere you look there’s a lovely surprise.  We are missing those that can’t be here.  

Ladies’ sail. 

Yesterday I took Julie and six of her girlfriends out for a day on the lake for her birthday.  We sailed to the cove and then anchored.  Sunbathing, floating, grilling, music, dancing and laughter ensued.   I enjoyed a beautiful day with a lovely group of young women.

(photo manipulated with iPhone app Brushstroke)

1st weekend of Summer: 630′

Summer arrived yesterday morning at 5AM central time (or thereabouts).  Yesterday we set out for a raftup to mark the occassion.  Marty & Sue joined us on Nirvana.  We met up with Dancer, Kalliopi, Voodoo, Solace, Sapphire and Karma.   It’s been a very long time since we enjoyed a raftup with that many other crazies.  We had a fun evening, and a nice, relaxed day today.   Fair winds and non-stifling temps.   All is well.



Temperatures outside have dipped into the forties. The cold weather is now here. You know what that means. Switch from AC to Heat in the house. And [drumroll] time to reverse the ceiling fans!

But, which way, you ask? Conventional (aka google) wisdom says the blades turning Clockwise (when viewed from the floor) is what you want when you’ve got the heat on. Counter-clockwise when the AC is on.

Also, you should celebrate with a seasonally appropriate beverage. 🙂

Happy Summer!

You lookin’ at me?!.

Here’s another gratuitous bird pic.  Well, same window.  Different bird.

I didn’t have a good shot of this guy.  For some reason, even though there are four feeding stations on this feeder, they always go to the one that is blocked when viewed through the window.   He did take a moment to peer around the side at me.  So, that ‘s as good a shot as I got this time around.

Today is the first day of summer 2012.   The solstice was about 10 minutes ago, actually.  So how’s that for getting in early?  🙂

I’m hoping that this summer brings lots of good times, there’s sure to be more lake fun.  And who knows what else.

I wish you a happy summer, too!


Fun in the sun.

A float trip down the San Marcos – we do it at least once every summer after the temps hit 100, and today was the 39th day this year that qualified.

While googling for info on 100 degree days in Austin, I found an article from about this time last year that said it still hadn’t hit 100 yet.  Wow.  I don’t remember it being a (relatively) mild summer last year.  This summer has been a scorcher. No worries, though, we have many ways to beat the heat.

Toobers in attendance:  me, monte, lori, dave, jake, laura and dolia.  Even with the drought the San Marcos was flowing fine – the fact that it’s a spring-fed river has a lot to do with that, I think.

We stopped at the official take out point at the rapids, played a while, ate lunch and then continued on to our favorite take out point farther down the river.    At the portage point with the waterfall, we stopped and played for a while – squeezing our way in underneath the falls.

We definitely have to come out another time this summer. It’s always a great time. And this time, I’m happy to report, I didn’t lose anything in the river.

We saw many kayakers on the river today and a couple of SUPs, too. Maybe we’ll make one of our next trips with kayaks, and see how much more of the river we can explore.

Fly like an eagle

4.5 points

We had a great day.  Got up early to watch the sun rise over the Ohio River.  Coffee on the riverwalk.  A stroll through town.  Finding a barbershop on a side street.  Lunch for 20 or so at Jack’s.

After lunch we all went our own ways… and Monte, Susanne and I took a drive through southeastern Indiana for a couple hours to drive by things not seen for many years:  old towns, homes grown up in, schools attended many years ago, neighbors’ homes, store fronts, side roads, covered bridges, state parks.  Old stories retold.

Then we met at the community pool for dinner.  40 or so people sharing a family connection.   Gary & Judy and Josh & Mary were fabulous hosts.   Josh makes the best pulled pork.  All the kids, big and small ended up in the pool for the better part of the evening.

We were treated to an awesome aerial diving exhibition (..competition?…) by Monte and Dan.   This is one shot of many.   Gotta love the height, form, synchronization and all out gusto of this one.

Afterwards we all crammed into Suite #2 for margaritas, and more fun into the wee hours.

Happy birthday Egan!

Jul 17, 2010

Ahhh, summer...

We’re spending a weekend on land for a change 🙂   I have some things from work that need to get done before Monday.  It’s also been a while since we worked in the yard.  I thought today was the day it might finally hit 100 here, but it didn’t.

Monte made dinner tonight.   This is a shot of the lovely caprese salad appy, with homegrown basil.   We’ve really been enjoying the bumper crop of basil — putting it in as many dishes as we can.  Main course was Rainbow Trout ala Monte…. delicious!

I wish I could have a summer full of days like today, not a few at a time squeezed in between 5 day work weeks.    But, I’ll take ’em!

Jun 27, 2010


Jen and Rob invited us to go tubing with them and their niece, Channing, today.   We did our traditional  San Marcos River extended float.   We go farther downstream past the official take out point where we park a car and trailer ahead of time to haul tubes and tubers back to the starting point.  That way we have a 3 hour float.

It hasn’t hit 100 degrees yet this year, so it’s a little unusual for us to go tubing until triple digit temps.   But we had a fun time.   The flow was unusually swift, so it was more work than your typical lazy float down the river.

This is a shot just as I entered the chute at the rapids.  I’ve never turned over before, but this time I did, and ended up losing my hat and sunglasses.   My hat was found a bit down river, but my prescription raybans are gone for good.   Oh well.   But it didn’t dampen the fun.

Can’t wait for the next float!