Tiny boats.

We met up with Kurt & Barbara tonight at the lake. We watched the remote control (RC) sailboat fleet races.

We watched the youth Laser fleet practice.

And we cashed in on two-for-one burger night at the marina!

Spring break.

We have a tradition with Tim & Fiona…taking their family fishing on the lake during spring break. They have three great kids, who are a pleasure to be around. We had a wonderful day today. The weather was perfect and the fish were biting. A good time was had by all.

A beauty of a day.

We spent our first 2019 day on the lake yesterday, and it was gorgeous! Light winds, 74 degrees, not a cloud in the sky.

Joel joined us on Nirvana for a nice long sail. Kurt, Kevin and their friend took Camelot out. That boat sure is fast!

Back on the water.

There were good winds today, pretty steady at 20 knots, so we headed to the lake. We washed a thick layer of pollen off the boat and then we were good to go. We sailed for a couple hours and then picked up Michael and Amber for more sailing and then enjoyed sunset back in the slip.

A good day…

That’s a wrap. 

We raced in Friday night’s beercan regatta with Kurt.  We came in 2nd!  And it was a 3 boat race, at that.  Light winds but a lovely sunset. 


Playing in paradise.

Monte and I joined 2 of my sisters, brother-in-laws, and 3 nieces/nephews for a weekend of fun on Lake Cushman.  It sits just east of the Olympic mountains in Washington State.  The lake temps were in the 70s and clear, sunny and in the 90’s above.  Just beautiful.  We kayaked, tubed, ran up the lake by motorboat, tried the rope swing, tent camped, played games, and just had a really great time together.

IMG_4613 IMG_4647 IMG_4673

And now, for something completely different…

Last week I began a short break from the rat race, taking a couple months off from work.

Soooo….I went shopping on Monday; golfing on Tuesday; sailing on Wednesday; woke up at anchor Thursday morning; back to the lake Friday for two nights on the boat; rafted up with Kurt & Kevin on Dancer, and Marty & Sue (yay!!) on Caribbean Hug Saturday night; made it back home Sunday night to watch my Seahawks and make pizza; and then headed to Seattle for a visit this past Monday.

I’ll try to get my sheila365 groove back. 🙂


1st weekend of Summer: 630′

Summer arrived yesterday morning at 5AM central time (or thereabouts).  Yesterday we set out for a raftup to mark the occassion.  Marty & Sue joined us on Nirvana.  We met up with Dancer, Kalliopi, Voodoo, Solace, Sapphire and Karma.   It’s been a very long time since we enjoyed a raftup with that many other crazies.  We had a fun evening, and a nice, relaxed day today.   Fair winds and non-stifling temps.   All is well.


Stalked by ducks.

We enjoyed a fun raftup last night with Lori, Dave, Kurt & Kevin.  The wind was slack and light overnight, and we ended up getting our anchor lines twisted.  We knew that was the case, though, so we were prepared for it when we went to pull up our anchors today.  We enlisted the kayak and detached the anchor rode from Nirvana entirely while Camelot pulled theirs up, untwisting them as we went along.   Back on-board Nirvana, we reattached our rode and pulled our anchor up and got underway.  Next time, we’ll put out a stern line.  🙂

As we headed back to the marina, the two ducks that hang out in the cove were behaving very strangely.   They have been in the cove everytime we have gone out there this year, and they hang out by our boat.   We’ve named them George and Gracie.  This time, though, as we were motoring along, they followed us well out of the cove, swimming hard to try to keep up.

IMG_3606 They would fall behind and then take flight and land next to us near mid-ships.   Then drift back to where we were pulling the kayak, and tried to keep up again.


They repeated this over and over.   After watching them do this five or six times, we slowed down so we could see what they would do when they caught up with us.   And they proceeded to paddle right up to the transom.


And Gracie jumped aboard as we were moving along.   George seemed a bit more reserved.


Eventually they got tired of playing with us and moved along.


…..funny birds.



At anchor.

Saturday!!  This is likely the last weekend before our dock becomes disconnected from shore, power and water. Lake Travis is low and dropping.  😦    This guy was guarding E dock when we arrived.


We anchored up in Arky south again.  Rory and Greg arrived on Sapphire and joined us after a couple hours.   We have the kayak stored in the slip now so it’s easy to bring it out with us.  This is its first outing of 2013.  Many more to come.


Lake day.

Colors flyin.
Colors flyin.

We took friends out for a sail today.  Chris was visiting Irene for the weekend, and after a lovely breakfast in Central Austin we headed to the marina.  Irene took the helm for most of the sail and did great.  The winds were light so we were able to set up the cockpit table with nibblies for the voyage while we were underway.

Lori and Dave came out, too, on Camelot.  And we crossed paths with Wally and Kurt on Zen on our way back.

The day was overcast, and a front was on its way, but it was a really nice day on the lake.

Back at the marina we saw a bunch of our slip neighbors.  Wally, Kurt, Lori and Dave joined us for a cocktail.  Then we packed it up before the front dropped in.

Our resident ducks stopped by to say hello.  They’re all grown up now.

The boys are back.
The boys are back.

Made it to the cove by sunset.

Our cove.

We raced the beer can today.  This time Mark joined us on Nirvana.   Wally & Joe sailed on Soul Healer, so we had another 320 to match up against.  Lori & Doray sailed on Camelot, and Kurt & Kevin on Dancer.   The winds were strong out of the south, which made for a fun sail.  We didn’t come in last!  Though, we very well could have if it weren’t for Camelot accidentally dropping the main on the last leg (argh!)

Afterwards, we dropped Mark off on E-dock and headed right back out to anchor up in Arky south for the night.   We made it in time to admire another sunset in our favorite cove.  Lovely.

Wally joined us after dinner on Zen, tying up to us for the night, and we chuckled our way through the evening.

Been a long time.

Taking Nirvana out for the first time.

It’s been thirteen days since my last post here.  So, this has been my longest break in posting since I started this photoblog over 2 years ago.  I’d better catch you all up.

The week before last was busy with work.  Monte was working on a project in the woodshop.  I had to travel to Raleigh for all of last week.  A very long week, indeed.  I brought my camera with me, but given my work schedule and meetings every day starting early and ending late, the only interesting subject matter to capture ended up being TV screen shots from the Olympics (especially the women’s gymnastics team gold).  I decided to spare you and skip posting those.

While I was in Raleigh last week, Monte closed on the boat.  I got home close to midnight Friday night, so Saturday morning I was anxious to get out to the marina.

We moved in Saturday afternoon and slept on the boat for the first time Saturday night.  On Sunday morning we took Nirvana out for the first time together.   The winds were very light to non-existent, but we had a blast.   We raised both sails and ghosted along for a while.  Getting Nirvana was a big step for us, but I am very excited about this next phase of our sailing-life journey together.   This is a shot that monte took of Nirvana from the water.

At the end of the day we stopped by b-dock for a float.  By the time we got home tonight we were both pretty exhausted but somehow found the energy to split up cooking duties to make lamb chops (monte) and risotto (me) for a delicious dinner.

G’nite all!