It’s been raining since the end of April in Central Texas. A weird happening. It’s so humid and WET outside. The plants are loving it though.

Purple coneflowers in their 4th year blooming with little help from me.
Our sago palm is finally showing signs of life after the big freeze.
Zinnias abound with help from Monte’s green thumb
Impatient for impatiens, but they don’t disappoint.

Life is good on the ranch.

Hanging in there.

I planted this impatiens last spring. I typically lose my annuals over the winter and just plant new ones in the spring. I babied this one through our warm winter and it has rewarded me with these beautiful late-winter blooms.


I spent a great Mother’s Day with my mom and 3 sisters and many of my niece/nephews. We also took a trip to Tacoma to visit my brother’s family who just welcomed his first grandkid into the world. A nice day indeed. The array of colorful flowers that explode here every spring is staggering. This is a beautiful place year round, but especially this time of the year. This is one shot from my mom’s backyard.


First post from my iPhone.

Red red rose.


Ok, i have a bit of work to do to figure out how to actually use the camera in the phone and to see if the teensy tiny phone gui is worth posting from.   My first try was a bit of a fail.  I have to admit that I needed to clean it up from the browser on my laptop.

Anyway, who cares, it’s Friday!

Pansy schmansy.

Winter flower.
Winter flower.

Friday.  February 8th.  Day 9 of the crit sit from hell.  Stay tuned.

I went outside for the first time in like a week today.  This is a shot of one of he pansies that monte planted a while back.  Still hanging in there.  Life goes on around me.

Green button pom.

Green button pom (aka Yoko Ono).
Green button pom (aka Yoko Ono).

Monte went to the blood center the other day to donate.  He came home with a(nother) t-shirt, and a bouquet of flowers that they were giving away to donors.  It had a bunch of these little green button poms.  Cute as a button….

I like how the shot looks like a little burst of sunshine on an otherwise grey day.

Our lone rain lily bloomed!

Mother Earth’s “thank-you” for a several days of rain.

Better late than never, i always say.  We only had one rain lily pop up in our yard, and it bloomed a day after all the others in the neighborhood.  Another fringe benefit, though dainty and fleeting, of the recent rains.

I played around a bit with black and white to show off the bloom, but I left a spash of color in the middle.

…AND, Happy Birthday Mom!!!   This pic is for you