A fun, full, first weekend of Fall!

We’ve been busy!  This past weekend, we made a roadtrip out to west, stopping first at William Chris Winery, where we caught up with a friend of ours that we ran into, by chance;  then we hopped over to Wildseed Farms to pickup a bunch of seed; then made it over to one of our faves, Becker Vineyards, where we had a tasting, a picnic, and checked out their new field of zinnias.  Just beautiful.

IMG_9140 IMG_9142

On the way home we headed over to the Real Ale Brewery in Blanco.  We took the river road south/southeast from Hwy 290 to Blanco, and stopped along the way several times to check out the now lazy river that was uncontrollably raging just 4 months ago, tragically sweeping away homes and families over Memorial Day weekend.IMG_9158

At Real Ale, Monte sampled a flight, and I sipped my favorite – Hans Pils.

IMG_9170 IMG_9179

Then Sunday rolled around, and we headed out to see the Anderson Mill historical site, near its original location at Cypress Creek on Lake Travis.   The Anderson Mill Gardeners do a wonderful job of preserving the site and its history.IMG_9183We made it to the boat in time to cheer the Seahawks on to their first win of the season, enjoying the recently repaired air conditioning on Nirvana (yay!).

About an hour before sunset, Kurt, Barbara, Dakota and little Leila joined us on the boat, and we motored out to the body of the lake to drift and watch the supermoon lunar eclipse.

Have I mentioned taking photos of the moon and stars on a moving boat is hard?  I didn’t get any good shots.  But I thought this one was kinda cool… you get the idea.


It was a great weekend, indeed.

Red zinnies. 

My first zinnia picture of 2015.  🙂

Last fall we visited Wildseed Farms on our way home from a trip to Fredericksburg.   We picked up some zinnia seeds.   We have a patch or two every year, but they always tend to be shades of fuschia, orange or yellow.   Monte was looking for something more vibrant so he chose seed for red zinnias and planted them this spring. 

They are just now coming up and are lovely.     


Tuesday at the chez…

Latest project.

It’s Tuesday already.  Almost halfway to the weekend!  The picture above is of Monte’s latest project… a homemade sundial.  I think this is a prototype.  But it seems to work pretty well.  He’s aligned the center of the dial with magnetic North using a compass. Some adjustments will be necessary.  Stayed tuned.

The zinnia patch has flower stalks that are over 4′ tall.  We’re still harvesting them. This is today’s selection.

Fresh cut zinnies.

And, last one, this is a shot of 2/3’s of the flock as we settle in for the evening.

Whacha dooin?


Oct 20, 2010

Last hurrah

After the zinnias had just about enough of the summer heat, we cleared them out and planted more from seed about a month or so ago.   We have a nice set of a dozen or so plants that will hopefully get to flower before the first freeze.   I really enjoyed having fresh cut zinnias in the house all summer.   Maybe we’ll have a few to take us through the end of Autumn.

Jun 3, 2010


The rain has been kind to my gardens.  This is the patch of zinnias that Monte planted from seed in February/March.   They are clearly benefiting from all the time  Susanne spent during her visit in December  to weed, compost, till and prepare these flower beds.  They’re feeling the love.   Thanks Susanne… you’ll have to come back soon and see them in person.

We’ve already been cutting blooms to enjoy inside the house.   I love fresh flowers!