Home for Thanksgiving!

After 29 days, 1300 miles by plane, 920 miles by boat, and 1100 miles by car, traveling through 10 states, I’m back home again. Thanks, Lori, for another adventure. Thanks, Monte, for being the shore-person watching out for us as we made our way down the east coast. Thanks, Tony, for joining us for our off-shore legs. And thanks, Michelle, for the warm welcome to your hometown.

It’s good to be home.

Not wasting any time, Monte and I whipped up a nice Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, and Julie joined us to celebrate the day and our blessings.

Jun 22, 2010

Time to light the grill

We love to grill.  Year round.  Weber kettles and charcoal, baby.

Tonight’s menu:

insalata caprese, grilled chicken, spinach risotto, and a decadent chocolate cake from Marty & Sue, who joined us for dinner.


Here’s how we do the chicken, in case you want to give it a try, too……

Grilled Chicken

1 whole chicken
a couple fresh rosemary sprigs
olive oil
kosher salt and ground black pepper

Prepare coals for indirect cooking (2 piles – on left and right side of grill).  Clean chicken, rub with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper inside and out, stuff a few sprigs of rosemary inside (and sometimes a chunk of onion, apple, ..), tie the bird up and put in the center of the grill breast-side down (though we’ve tried both ways, I think it’s juicier this way).  Cook for about 15 minutes per pound.   Remove from grill and let sit 10-15 minutes before carving.

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