Three out of four!

I used a tripod this morning with a long exposure and captured Venus (the brightest), then Mars (smallest, reddish), and Jupiter (just below Mars) together.  If I zoom all the way in, I like to think I can also identify a dot washed out by the dawn near the tree tops that could be Mercury.   If that’s true, I guess I technically have 5 planets in the same frame, if you count Earth.  🙂

Factoid of the day:  the origin of the word “Thursday” is “Thor’s Day.”  Thor is the Greek god of thunder, also known as the Roman god Jupiter.  (according to wikipedia, anyway).

Happy Thursday!IMG_4875

One fine day.

Today we set out for a day of crabbing.  What a beautiful day!  Sky was blue.  Sun was out.  We got our fill of crab – both dungeoness and rock crab.  We boiled them up at home and were treated to an exceptional dinner.

At one point during the day, a bald eagle circled right above us for a while, riding the thermals.   This was the best I could capture.  Pretty bird.


New dawn.

I woke up this morning extra early – given the time change yesterday.  This was the glorious sunrise sky that lay right out side the front door.  I was prompted to go out and take a look when i noticed that the light coming in through the windows was making the entire inside of the house glow pink.


And, what is that sparkle on the horizon?  Could it be something new coming my way….?

Lake view.

The full Flower Moon.

We spent a nice day on the lake. We pulled anchor today and brought up a tree stump. I wish I had taken a picture but there wasn’t time. This stump was about 10-12 inches in diameter. A good 2 feet high. With roots, one of which was about 6 feet long. The windlass couldn’t handle the weight so I got to pull it up by hand. Whew!
We set anchor in the same cove tonight. Let’s see what we pull up tomorrow!

I love the colors of the sky at dusk.


We headed out from the marina after lunch, and anchored for the day in Arky South, and decided to stay overnight.  This afternoon Lori stopped by on Camelot and tied up with us for an hour or so.  Laura, Ann and Doray were with her – out for a ladies’ sail.  Marty & Sue also stopped by and left ’round sunset.  The cove was packed with boats during the day, but as the evening approached, we ended up being the only boat in the cove.  We had a magnificant view of the sunset, and later the (just past) full moon.

The shot above is off the stern, looking over the park towards the west after the sun had set.   I just love the colors.

Raining sunshine.


What a nice weekend!  Saturday we (Julie, Monte and I) headed to the lake.  We raced in the Beer Can for the first time on Nirvana.  Let’s just say we have room for improvement 🙂  We came in 4th though!

Afterwards we anchored in Arky South for the night.  Just us this time.  Today we picked up the anchor around 11:30 and sailed to the yacht club and back.  Julie took the helm for the first half of the trip.  She’s a natural.

Back in the slip we floated and visited with Joe, Marty and Wally.

I can’t wait til the upcoming long Labor Day weekend!

Good morning.

Room with a view.

We headed to the lake yesterday around noon.  We have a long list of chores and minor repairs to take care of on the boat, and we schlepped a bunch of tools and supplies out to take care of some of them.  Rain was in the forecast, so not a lot of people were out and about.

About 5 o’clock we called it a day and headed out of the slip to anchor out overnight in Arkansas Bend cove.  Lori, Dave and Jake joined us on Camelot.  We had a very pleasant night but boy did we get rained on.  We hunkered down below on one of the boats and played cards until it let up.  After the rains blew through it was quite nice.  Good breezes through the boat kept us cool.

This morning when I went up into the cockpit this was the view that greeted me.   A beautiful Lake Travis sunrise.   A good morning, indeed.


Conjunction, junction, what’s your function?

Jupiter, Venus, the Moon and Aldebaran.

I awoke this morning to the sound of Monte getting up and going outside.  He had been planning on watching this morning’s quadruple conjunction of the crescent Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Aldebaran.  So, I hopped out of bed too.  I grabbed my camera and he dug out the tripod.

It was 6 AM and the sun was already starting to come up.   An hour earlier would have been better, light-wise, but the event was clearly visible from our front yard.

In the shot above, Jupiter is on the top.  Venus is below, it is at its brightest this month.  If you look closely, you can see the star Aldebaran on the right side of the frame (vertically about halfway between the Moon and Venus).  There is another faint star to the bottom left of Jupiter, but I don’t know what that one is called.

It was a pretty sight.  It is always thrilling to see the dance of the moon, planets and stars.  This morning the clouds lifted and we were treated to a great view.


Mother Nature is toying with me.

A chance of rain has been in the forecast for the last day or two.  At about 4pm the clouds start to build and red blobs pop up on the weather radar.  Unfortunately the rain clouds fizzle out before they get to us.

I hope it’s raining somewhere.

The last transit of Venus of the 21st century.

While it was possible for us to see the transit by looking through our welder’s glass.  It really wasn’t useful for taking a picture – it was too small.  Monte mounted a pair of binoculars on a tripod and used that to focus an image of the sun and the transit of venus on a piece of paper.  That’s what these are images of.

The transit started right on time.  If you look just to the right of the top of this image, you can see Venus just starting to show up.  You can also see 4 or 5 sunspots in each image.

It begins.

A little while later, Venus is clearly visible on the face of the sun.

A little while later.

This was one of the last images, taken shortly before sunset.

Right before sunset.

The view from 14A.

Enroute from HPN to ORD.

I made it home tonight by about 11:30.   Yay for no delays or major travel issues.

I am an aisle seat person.   If you want to ask me to swap my aisle seat with your non-aisle seat on a flight so that you can sit next to your honey or your friend, you’d better be a little old lady, or a newlywed.  Ok.   Well.   If it was a window seat, I’d probably swap with you, but *that’s* what I’d be thinking.   You’ll have to bribe me (alot) to swap for the dreaded middle seat.

That being said, I do love looking out the window.   I suspect I look a lot one of those people that you’d think was on their first plane ride.  Oh, and I take pictures out the window, too.   Sometimes even when my electronic devices are supposed to be turned to the off position and stowed.

The plane I flew from White Plains to Chicago today had single seats on the port side of the plane, so my window seat was also an aisle seat.  About as good as it gets on a little regional jet.

Here’s your meaningless factoid of the day…  did you know that American Airlines saves lots of $ a year in lower fuel costs (plane weighs less) because they don’t paint their planes?   Now ya know.

…Out like a lamb.

Mopac sunset.

Wow, the last day of the month already!  March is a beautiful month, here in Austin.  Everything pops to life.  I’m always sad to see it go.

We had a very busy day today, on monte’s first day of retirement 🙂

We hit the backyard early…mowing and raking and de-thatching and weeding.   Tomorrow we will hopefully get fertilizer down to help nurse the lawn along.

At the end of the day, we headed to a friend’s house for dinner.  As we were driving down Mopac, a huge, shiny sunset was teasing me with glimpses of it between buildings as we passed.   I took about 10 shots, and finally got a good one!  Or, at least one without any buildings or cars in it.   Not bad for going 65 miles an hour, through the car window.

Good-bye March!  See you next year.