“I’m struck by almost daily reminders that my life is passing by much too quickly.  It is food for the soul to stop and savor moments spent amongst friends, family, natural beauty and even necessary moments of solitude.  These moments collectively serve as my source of joy, laughter, love, sadness, wonder and appreciation for all that I have in my life.  This photo blog is my journey to capture and share a few of those moments – some ordinary, some rare, but all mine.”

A little about me:   I live in Austin.   I recently retired from a long career in the tech industry, but am a troglodyte at heart.  I am much happier playing outside than on the computer.   Sheila365 started out as a photoblog, when I decided to undertake a 365 project in March 2010 – with a goal to take and post a photo capturing a moment from my day, every day, for a year.  I successfully completed that project. Since then, I try to post every few days; making this more of an online journal.  Sheila365 is now in its 12th year!  I enjoy very much the creative outlet that my photoblog provides.

I’m more tomboy than girlie girl.  I am first generation Irish American (and proud to be).  I am a work in progress.

I value my friendships.  Each one is special.

My family is dear to me.   I live too far away from them, but try not to let that get in the way of getting a visit in.

I love spending time with friends and family – cooking, gardening, sailing, a glass of wine, sports, games, reading, making things with my hands, playing the guitar, photography, geocaching, hiking, and birdwatching.  I also enjoy time to myself.

I have a lovely hubby.  No kids – not by choice, it just turned out that way.  My life is very simple, and used to be dominated by work pressures.  Now that I am retired, I look forward to exploring all the things I have wanted to try, but put off til “later.”

Thanks for stopping by!


18 thoughts on “About”

  1. Sheila Good Morning! I found your beautiful, fun, interesting blog through your comment on the new 2011 theme. I clicked over to see what you had going on here and it made me smile. Thoroughly enjoying your snaps. I am just starting a blog on WP with the 2010 theme but maybe test driving 2011. I am still in private mode while tweeking and trying to figure things out BUT your blog is exactly what I want to do! I am still befuddled over posting photos-size and other little issues. I am leaving Blogger and starting out fresh. I have a lovely husband too, no kids-just happened that way and the husband and I are retired! I will be visiting here everyday and enjoying.

    Rural Rambles. waterloofarms.blogspot.com for now…….

    1. Hi there. I just checked out your blogspot blog. i love the farm pics! I love wine sipping too 😉

      Good luck with your new wordpress blog!

  2. Dear Sheila
    This is great! Look forward to checking in and seeing what you’re up to via 365. We miss you and Uncle Monte and hope to get a visit in sometime this year. Love, Us

  3. I have to respect someone who has the stickwithitness (come on, iPhone, that is too a word!) to post a picture every single day your first year of blogging. Says a lot about your character. Just saying 🙂

    1. the best part of the 365 project was compiling the montage/collage after the end of the year. Some of the shots I took made me smile. And you know, with the memory thing goin’ on, it’s nice to have something to remind me of what I did 🙂

      1. If only I could go back in time and do that for high school. Where was Facebook then??? I envy our kiddos today, because they have a record. Except most of them, in their ignorant youthfulness, have plenty they wish they hadn’t documented!

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