Very merry.

I joined some friends yesterday at Ann’s house for nibblies and libations.  Then we all walked down to Mozart’s on Lake Austin to watch their Christmas light display.  It was a beautiful night, with a clear sky and a nearly full moon.  You should check it out, too!







Some Christmas Eve eve lights.

After dinner last night we cruised by some Austin neighborhoods that light it up during the holidays…37th street, Clarksville, and a few in between.

Enjoy a bit of Austin weirdness:

An homage to a scene from the movie Stranger Things:

Now, THIS is weird:

R2D2 lights:

Sock-monkey nativity scene:

Just a mess-o-lights:

Not weird:

Merry Christmas!

An open letter to Google.

December 21, 2017 Dear Google, I think it would be amazing if you sent your google maps camera cars around at night at Christmas time to take pictures of homes decorated with lights and lawn displays, and show THAT on Street View. Sincerely, – P.S. Merry Christmas!

Who’s with me?!?! 🙂

Scenes from a boat parade.

Last night Mike and Lori joined us to watch the Lake Travis Christmas Boat Parade.  We put a few lights on Nirvana and cruised along with the other boats.  It was a beautiful, not-cold night;  fun!





Trail of Lights.

We made it to the Trail of Lights tonight in Austin’s jewel, Zilker Park, for the first time in probably 5 years or more.   We used to go more frequently, but it has either not been easy to get down there in recent times, or it has been postponed for financial reasons.   I remember, in the good old days, being able to decide at the last minute to go, and just zip down to the park and park for free on the grassy field and walk over.    No more.   We had to plan ahead.   I got a parking pass online which made it a little easier, but the traffic was really crazy, and the crowds were enormous.

In any event, the lights were simply lovely.

This is the tunnel at the entrance…


This is a view of a bunch of different lights, with the Zilker tree in the background.13121901

I love the tree lights.13121902

So pretty…13121904

And one last look back towards downtown.  It’s a little blurry, but you can see some of the Trail lights, some of the city lights, and the waning Cold Moon.13121905


Christmas Eve-eve!

We're ready!
We’re ready!

I was up early this morning padding around the house.  We usually leave the little white Christmas lights on at night.   I have always loved to stare at the glow of Christmas lights at night.

I remember doing that when I was a kid.  We always had an artificial tree.  The same one that we took with us every time we moved.  With the big glass bulb colored lights.  You know… the kind that would burn your finger if you touched them after having been lit for an hour or so.  It’s amazing more homes didn’t burn down back then.

I remember sitting watching the tree lights that decorated my little trees over the years in my dorm or apartment.  Somehow I remember those trees being extra pretty during my “on my own” college years.

This morning as I walked down the hall I stopped to admire this year’s glow.  So pretty.  I just had to snap a shot, too.


Accidental bokeh.

Twinkly Christmas lights.
Twinkly Christmas lights.

Mom and I set up her tree today.  It looks nice.  I took several photos of it, hoping for one to post here.  On this one, the autofocus was a bit whacky.  And it turned out blurry.  But I like the bokeh effect of the lights.   So… this one is the winner.

For inquiring minds:  here’s a definition of bokeh on wikipedia


I’m taking my time getting my jolly on.  I baked a bunch of cookies yesterday for a friend’s party.  We picked out a Christmas tree yesterday and put stood it up in the house, but didn’t get the lights on until today.  Maybe tomorrow i’ll dig out all the boxes and finish decking the halls.