The Blanton museum, revisited.

In a post earlier this year, I shared a visit to the Blanton Museum that we took, to see an Andy Warhol visiting exhibit that ended in January.  When we went, we didn’t know that the museum’s permanent exhibits were temporarily closed, due to a total revamp of the permanent gallery areas upstairs.   Even so, we enjoyed the visiting exhibit.

The museum’s permanent collection galleries are now open again, so I stopped by this week to check it out.  They have an interesting mix of art – Latin American, early American Western, Contemporary, European, Native American, Modern, Spanish American, Ancient Greek and Roman, Film and Paper/Documents.   The gallery remodel was nicely done.


I recommend a trip to the museum.  I enjoyed it.  Check out their website for days & hours.  And keep in mind that every Thursday admission is free, and every 3rd Thursday the museum is open late – until 9pm.  Parking is easy at the nearby Brazos garage.  If you bring your parking stub into the museum, they can give you a discounted parking rate.


A busy two weeks and a new find.

I have been challenged in posting the last two weeks.  We are in the middle of a 3 week set of back to back visits from family.  Which we absolutely love, but it means a little less time to tend to my photoblog.   The real challenge though is that the WordPress for iOS app that I use primarily for quick posts is broken and completely useless since the last 2 updates (both updates ver 5.4 and 5.4.1) of the app.  So I’m using the browser version of the app for this post.   I hope they get it together and fix the problem in the next update.

One set of guests were unaccompanied minors, so I had to get a pass to go through security and accompany them to their gate to pick them up and drop them off at the airport.   As I was strolling along the concourse on the west end of the ABIA terminal, I spotted some lovely, colorful prints on display from a Texas artist that I hadn’t seen before.  The artist is Margie Crisp, and her prints are simply beautiful.   I took a picture of one – couldn’t avoid the reflections from the lights in the airport.  This one is called In the shadow of Buchanan Dam.   Inks Lake is in the foreground, with images of all the things I love about the Central Texas Hill Country.


I googled her to learn more about her and found that she has produced a book called  River of Contrasts: The Texas Colorado, which features many of her river prints.  As I’ve come to love the Colorado myself, I’m going to order one.

You might want to check her out, too.

As for me, i need to get moving… we are headed to the lake to raft-up overnight.

Stained glass trilogy.

I’ve enjoyed playing with the iPhone app called Brushstroke. It’s a pretty versatile app for adding water-color / oil painting effect to photos.

These are three shots I took in different cathedrals on my birthday trip to France, with a little post-processing with Brushstroke.

Notre Dame. Paris:


Cathedral Notre-Dame de Chartres. Chartres:

Sainte-Chapelle. Paris:



On the way back from taking Monte to the airport today, i stopped in Tacoma to go to the Museum of Glass.


IMG_4363I enjoyed this interactive exhibit with dozens of lighted letters, just waiting to spell something.


On the way home I checked out a few different vantage points.  This is a shot of the old (left) and new (right) Tacoma Narrows bridges.  Mt Rainier is lurking behind the old bridge.


Faces in open places.

The weather this winter has been a roller coaster of sunny-and-70s then sleet-and-20s-and-30s. About three or four turns so far and one more on the way tomorrow. It was a beautiful day today, so I threw open the windows and took a walk through the greenbelt.
Along the way I came across this rock and saw a face in it (sort of). If i squint a bit i think i can make out Jay Leno…


In Texas. Not in Texas.

I made it to Seattle last night 3 hours late but safe and sound. Today Noreen and I shopped for a while then headed over to mom’s. Two of my nephews, Jake and Aaron, are spending the day with her. So I got to enjoy time with them as we’ll.
Aaron came down to Austin for a visit about a year ago. He is lobbying heavily with his mom and dad to come down again soon. This is a picture he drew that he showed me exactly 3 seconds after I walked through the door today. 🙂



I finally made it out.  I took the monorail up the Strip to see the fountains out in front of the Bellagio.  Then I walked back to the MGM Grand.

It was well worth the trip, even with a sore back.  I hit Walgreen’s on the way back and picked up some heat pads.  Hopefully that will help.

Twinkle, twinkle.

Painting with a twist - holiday edition.

Painting with a twist – holiday edition.

Julie took her last final of Fall semester today – and is headed home for the holidays tomorrow.  Tonight we went to Painting with a Twist to create a work of art.   This is my version.   Not bad.  A little festive.  Probably worth hanging on the wall for a week or two (?)   🙂

Onward and upward.

Glass window in D terminal.

Portion of glass artwork in SeaTac Concourse D.

I’m at SeaTac, ready to board my flight back to Austin.  I need to come up here more often.

The D Concourse has some very large glass artwork in the windows.  Here’s a couple of peeks.  Both of these are by an artist named Dick Weiss.

I’ll be home in a jif!

Glass window #2.

Glass art #2.

Celtic knot glasswork.

Another of Noreen's creations.

Another of Noreen’s creations.

My mom has been on my mind lately, so earlier this month I decided to make a trip to spend some time with her before the Christmas bustle.  I can work from her house there and spend the evenings with her.

So today, after work, I hopped on a plane.   It is pouring rain here, and is expected to do the same all week.   I wish i could bring some of this water home with me…

I’ll also have a chance to see my sisters and brother while i’m here.  An added bonus.  Noreen gave me this beautiful leaded glass piece that she designed and made just for me.  Celtic knot… love it!  She does beautiful work.  I can’t wait to pick out a place to hang it at home.

Shades of blue.


Rachel is back home.  Julie is studying.  Monte is at the lake.  And I’m getting ready for a Sunday afternoon full of work-work.

We went to brunch at Güero’s this morning, then I dropped Julie back at her apartment, before taking Rachel to the airport.  This is a shot of some of Julie’s many glassybaby pieces.   These blue ones are pretty.  I also like the taupe/beige/cream colored ones.  But I guess I’m feeling blue today.

We had a nice weekend.   But we all have a busy week ahead.

Tomorrow is Rachel’s first day as a surgical resident (u go girl!).  Julie has a test.  And I have a full slate of meetings and presentations.

Here’s to the next girls’ weekend.

And, Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there!  My dad is gone – for several years now.  But he would be very proud of his progeny, especially the two very talented, determined and self-reliant granddaughters that I got to spent the weekend with.

Pretty boats.

American Treasure – Edward Hopper.

In the interest of spending less time running errands on the weekends, I have really embraced on-line shopping.  And not just for presents and big purchases but consumables – I’ve recently bought shampoo, sunscreen, batteries, light bulbs, hangers, replacement parts, adhesives, air filters…you name it.  It’s GREAT!

I signed up for Amazon Prime about 6 months ago.  It offers free 2-day shipping, and sometimes discounted prices, for many items.   It’s a god-send.  And only $79 a year.  You also get free online video streaming (which is handy with a kindle fire), and free e-books.  Check it out.

Amazon does sell postage stamps, but when I ran out this week, I just ordered from  I usually buy a couple hundred Forever stamps at a time, and they show up in my mailbox in a day or two.

The picture above is of a sheet of Forever stamps that I ordered on Thursday that arrived today.  They are of a painting by Edward Hopper called The Long Leg, part of the American Treasures series of stamps.  Pretty, gaff-rigged sailboats.  I couldn’t resist.  I have admired several Edward Hopper paintings and drawings (especially The Cat Boat) over the years, but I don’t know much about him otherwise.   So I googled him and in the process of doing so, found a most awesome website for viewing art called  What an amazing resource.  They have several hundred artists and many thousands of art work browsable and viewable online.  A must-have in your bookmark list.