Sunday brewery touring, resumed.  

We took a break there for a while from our taproom exploration.  But we’re back.  First stop, 4th Tap Brewery Cooperative;  have a nice flight!

Next:  Oskar Blues Brewery; good tunes, too.  I learned a new word here:  zymurgy.  See, it’s an educational tour. 

We stopped for dinner along the way, but finished at Austin Beerworks:

We are in training for Fran’s visit…. 🙂


Stop & go.

Black-chinned hummingbird stopping for a taste of Texas thistle…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

…and then moving along…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Superglue #lifehack.

Every once in a while I stumble across a tip that someone shared that is amazingly simple yet solves a problem that has forever bugged me.

When I find one, I’ll share in the event you find it useful, too.

Here’s one that I appreciate every time I open my kitchen drawer to get out the superglue.

Problem:  A tube of superglue, once opened, dries up before I can use it a second time.

I must have bought a hundred tubes of superglue over my lifetime.   You know, the tiny tubes that come in packs of 2 or 3 (for this very reason!).

Then, one day, someone told me that the reason superglue dries up so quickly is that the way it works to create a bond is that it reacts with moisture in the air.  So, essentially, as soon as you open it, it starts hardening inside the tube.

Hack:  Save those packets of silicon that you may sometimes find in a bottle of aspirin, a new pair of shoes, etc.    The next time you are done using a newly opened tube of superglue, store it in a ziploc baggie along with a packet or two of silicon.  The packet will act as a desiccant and absorb the water in the air; preventing the superglue from hardening in the tube.

This hack has kept my current, open, tube of superglue usable for almost a year.  I just pulled it out to mend a broken Christmas ornament.


Waterfront home with a view.

After a glorious summer, Seattle has been blanketed with rain this week – coincident with my arrival here. That’s ok. I’ve almost forgotten what rain is like, altogether.
I’ve been trying to go out and exercise every day, but I’m going to need a better rain jacket!
Thankfully, the rain clouds parted for a time Thursday, so Fran and I got out and about to enjoy some sunshine.
I heard the story of one of the locals who lives in a tiny (10′ x 10′ ish) cabin that floats offshore, off the grid, and off the property tax rolls. The cabin is floating to the left of this shot, with Mount Rainier poking above the horizon to the right. He sure has a beautiful view!


And the cotton is high…

The words are swimming around in my head:

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy
Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high….

I like Billie Holiday’s version.

We took a trip to the Coastal Bend of Texas for a few days.   We come down here nearly every year, and really enjoy it.   Very rustic, but beautiful.   Along the way to the coast, we drive through the cotton fields.   This time we came a little earlier than usual, and we got to see the fields before harvest.   A sea of white fluffiness:




Life lessons.


We went for a sail today on Lake Travis.  It is almost the end of June and temps haven’t hit 100 yet (!*!*!)   Lori and Doray went out on Camelot, we sailed along on Nirvana.  We had a great day, with steady winds around 20 knots past Anderson Bend.   We coasted back and made it to our marina’s cove about 5 o’clock.   But at that point, Camelot radioed in that they couldn’t get the main down.

Ruh. Roh.

We sat a spell, and then talked them over to side tie on one of the far docks at the marina, which allowed them to come in pointed windward.   We tied them off and then hoisted Doray to the top of the mast to loose the main.  She wasn’t able to free the halyard, but we secured it below with a tether line that she attached and then got her and the mainsail safely back on deck.

Just another day on B-dock.  🙂

Fair winds, friends…

Patsy’s back to earth tour.

Tonight I caught the Esther’s Follies show with Laura and her visiting niece, Dana, and Lori and Dave. This was at least the tenth time I’ve gone to the show since I’ve lived here. It’s always a hoot. And a must-see when you have out of town visitors. There are my faves in every show, like Shannon Sedwick’s always funny Patsy Cline “She’s got you” skit, and the truly amazing magician Ray Anderson. But they update all the skits regularly to spoof the latest headlines. If you’ve never been, you simply must.
I snuck a shot during the Patsy Cline skit: