I started running in graduate school with friends and really enjoyed running many 5Ks, 5 milers, and a 10K or two during the 5 years I was there. Then I was sucked into the corporate world and somehow lost 25 years.

Since then I have not run unless being chased 🙂

This year my friend (accomplished tri-athlete, multi-marathoner, and Iron Man) Doray decided to run in the Austin Marathon/Half-Marathon again to celebrate her birthday. To celebrate with her, Lori and I committed to running the 5K portion of the event. We only gave ourselves 6 weeks to get ready – I would advise a longer training timeline!

Well, yesterday we ran it – Lori’s first official event, and my first in three decades. I’m older, heavier, and much slower than I was way back when, but yesterday I did reach the zone I used to enjoy where my breathing and strides were in sync and the rhythm helped me keep going. The event itself was fun to be a part of.

After Lori and I finished the 5K, we walked up to the finish for the marathon & half-marathon to cheer Doray across the finish line for her race.

Mission accomplished!

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