Monday Monday. 

Worked from mom’s house again, and then headed out to meet Colleen and Jake for dinner.  Our table had a beautiful view overlooking Elliott Bay.  Simply gorgeous. 

 The Great Wheel after sunset:  

 And….. The golden hour:


Beergarden view. 

We met Fran and Art for a beer after work yesterday.  This is the view from the outdoor beer garden.  The air is hazy from the smoke of nearby fires.   That is Vashon Island in the background.   Last fall I posted about a guy living in a shed on a floating raft anchored off this point.  Well, his shed burned down since then, and now he’s got a teepee on the raft.   A gaggle of geese are crossing in front of it. 


A Saturday break in the rain.

I went for a walk this morning… down to another bay on the sound.  This pod of orcas live here year round.  I was hoping to find the real ones, but these will have to do.   You can get a glimpse of the fall color that is popping on this first Saturday in November.


Fran and I also managed to get away for a round of golf this afternoon.  I’m glad I brought my clubs this trip.  Definitely worth it.

Also, I see that wordpress has added a widget and some links to help get out the vote.  I sent my absentee ballot in this week.   Get your vote counted on Tuesday…

Friday evening on the Sound.

This afternoon we hit the Sound, again, with Fran, Art, Rebecca and Aaron.   We hopped onto their boat at this beach.IMG_4174

Then motored over to watch a local marina’s Friday night regatta up close.


Then toodled around to see what we could see.  On the left, a sea lion sunning himself on a buoy.  In the background, Mt. Rainier, Blake Island and a Seattle-bound ferry.


It was beautiful out, but not necessarily warm.


And, a lovely sunset.



Motoring around the Sound.

Fran and Art took me for a boat ride today after work.  It was a treat, the weather was nice and the Sound was like glass.  Its amazing how fast you can get from one place to another by boat in these parts.

This is a view of the Olympics from Dyes Inlet, The Brothers peak on the left.

And a view of the Seattle waterfront, from just off Blake Island, a ferry, hazy Cascades in the background, and the space needle far left.

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