Pizza artistry.

Friday. Yahooty!

Monte made some pizza dough and we slung a few pies while we visited with Joe tonight. It was nice to see him. Our visits with b-dock folks have been too few and far between, lately.

This was one of four perfect pizzas tonight. A thing of beauty:



Temperatures outside have dipped into the forties. The cold weather is now here. You know what that means. Switch from AC to Heat in the house. And [drumroll] time to reverse the ceiling fans!

But, which way, you ask? Conventional (aka google) wisdom says the blades turning Clockwise (when viewed from the floor) is what you want when you’ve got the heat on. Counter-clockwise when the AC is on.

Also, you should celebrate with a seasonally appropriate beverage. 🙂


I learned about’s National Blog Posting Month project, aka NaBloPoMo. The objective: post something on your blog every day in November. Ok. I’m in.

While every month is lovely in its own way, i especially enjoy November. Maybe it’s the onset of cooling weather. Or that it’s full of deferred-for-too-long vacation days for me. Or it is the beginning of the holiday season. Whatever. It just feels…nice.

I’m looking forward to sharing some of my November moments out here.

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