Last workday of the year!

….well, sort of…. I will be on call for work client emergencies during Christmas. Come to think of it, i got stuck with oncall last christmas as well. Crikey. Oh well. Nothing could go wrong, right?!
Anyhow, that will not dim my unbridled anticipation of turning on my out-of-office email message in a few short hours.
That makes today a VERY special TGIF for me.
I hope you have a great Friday, too.


I’m on vacation, …

I’m off work until the monday after thanksgiving ! Can you feel the joy?!
Monte baked a lovely birthday cake today. Do the maracas, cactus and sombrero look a bit familiar? We have recycled them for a few occasions, lately.


Pizza artistry.

Friday. Yahooty!

Monte made some pizza dough and we slung a few pies while we visited with Joe tonight. It was nice to see him. Our visits with b-dock folks have been too few and far between, lately.

This was one of four perfect pizzas tonight. A thing of beauty:


Channelling Aunt Voula.

We have lots of funny movies we love to quote for moments that would only be funny to others that share a love for the same movie humor….. from Caddyshack, Captain Ron, The Princess Bride, So I Married an Axe Murderer, Young Frankenstein, to name a few.   One movie quote that comes to mind tonight is from My Big Fat Greek Wedding:

Aunt Voula:   What do you mean he don’t eat no meat?!
[the entire room stops, in shock]
Aunt Voula:   Oh, that’s okay.   I make lamb.  🙂

Yesterday Monte de-boned and marinated a leg of lamb, and tonight he put it on the grill.   Add some quick pasta and insalata caprese (with basil and tomatoes fresh from the garden), and VOILA!   I think Aunt Vuola would approve.


Oh, and also:  TGIF!!   It’s been about a month since we’ve been out to the lake, given our travel schedules.   Tomorrow we will make up for lost time.


Yeah, baby.

Whew, what a long week.  Monte has also had a long and HOT week, working in the shop all day, every day this week in 100 degree temps.

I was happy to hear the blender fire up at about 5:30.

TGIF, and have a great weekend everyone!

Jun 25, 2010

Another zinnie

Another week flown by.  Got a lot accomplished, but lots more to do.

I had a bit of an inspiration-less day today.   Meetings start at 6:30 every day, and run through the early evening.    It’s refreshing when I can finally log off for the day.

Walking around outside seems to take bit of the fogginess out of my head.   I know I’ve been posting lots of flower pics, but I enjoy sharing them.  Here is another zinnia.

I really like this Canon PowerShot D10.   I’ve found it takes great close up shots.  But, not so great wide shots.   Or, it could be me.  I think it’s time I dig out the manual.  Maybe I’ll flip through that this weekend.

Tonight we are enjoying a quiet Friday night at home.   We’ve got the original “Flipper” movie queued up on the DVR.   Yes, that’s right — the 1960’s movie about the dolphin.

Oh, by the way… just 6 months from today until Christmas (!)

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