Imitation is the finest form of flattery.

We love to make homemade pizza at the house.  Monte has longed to have a wood-fired pizza oven of our own.  We opted out of one when we remodeled the kitchen a few years back.  For Christmas this year I got him a Kettle Pizza kit for making pizza outdoors, on the grill.  It had great reviews and seemed to be worth checking out.

We also love the pizza from our local Brick Oven pizza restaurant.  We like to call it the second best pizza in town – next to ours. 🙂

There is one pizza they make that is fantastic and we have always wanted to try making it ourselves: the Tuscan Truffle.

So…tonight we fired up the kettle and gave it a go.  And…. We NAILED IT!
Here is a shot if our first try in the kettle:


Tuscan Truffle pizza

The “sauce” is a mushroom pesto – made out of sautéed mushrooms, parmesan cheese and truffle oil puréed in a food processor. The toppings are prosciutto and mozzarella cheese (just a little, not much of either).  It only took about 5 minutes in the kettle pizza oven.  After removing,  add arugula and grated asiago cheese on top to wilt / melt from the heat of the pizza.  Drizzle a little more truffle oil on top and VOILA!  Delicious.


7 thoughts on “Imitation is the finest form of flattery.”

  1. Yum.
    I’ve just started out making my own pizzas. Struggling with getting the dough right, and judging the amount of filling I can pile on top – bearing in mind I have to use a conventional domestic oven (not hot enough). But I would say whatever I’ve made may not look as professional as yours but everyone has been absolutely delicious! (Somebody bought me a pizza stone for Christmas so I’m hoping to try it out in the near future. I did make a couple of pizzas in a drum barbie last year, so I may very well go down a similar route that you have with the kettle pizza… 😉

    1. Hi Stephen. Pizza making is a great hobby 🙂 practice makes perfect, they say. We like to practice on our friends. I bet you will enjoy the pizza stone. We use one in our conventional oven and it works great. The kettle pizza is really amazing. We have only tried it twice now. It gets very hot, so we have to experiment with the right amount of fuel, and figuring out when to refuel. Check out the reviews for it on Amazon.

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