Accidental bokeh.

Twinkly Christmas lights.
Twinkly Christmas lights.

Mom and I set up her tree today.  It looks nice.  I took several photos of it, hoping for one to post here.  On this one, the autofocus was a bit whacky.  And it turned out blurry.  But I like the bokeh effect of the lights.   So… this one is the winner.

For inquiring minds:  here’s a definition of bokeh on wikipedia


I’m taking my time getting my jolly on.  I baked a bunch of cookies yesterday for a friend’s party.  We picked out a Christmas tree yesterday and put stood it up in the house, but didn’t get the lights on until today.  Maybe tomorrow i’ll dig out all the boxes and finish decking the halls.

Jan 5, 2011

I learned something new.

When I set out on this photo-a-day-for-a-year project in March, it wasn’t to hone my photographic skills, as many 365-projects are intended to do.   I just wanted to pause long enough to capture a moment from my day to reflect on.

As it turns out, along the way I have picked up a few things related to photography.   One thing I recently learned about (I may be the last person with a camera to do so) is a bokeh effect in a photo  (wikipedia definition here) — essentially when what is outside of the depth of focus has a blurred effect.    I kept seeing “christmas bokeh”  shots in various blogs for the last month or so and didn’t know what it was til I looked it up.

So, this is my first, not very well executed, attempt at a Christmas tree bokeh shot.  In the foreground is my new favorite angel figurine – the Irish Charm angel – a gift from Sue and Marty.     In this case, what *is* in the field of focus is a bit blurry as well…but this was the best of the several shots I took tonight.    🙂

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