How sweet it is.

It’s a beautiful Saturday. Temps in the high 60s for a change. We are anchoring out in our cove.
We have the place to ourselves.

Tutti a tavola e mangiare!

And for dessert: HOT BUTTERED RUM!

We tried Emeril’s recipe and it was just right!

A Saturday drive.

For the last 15 years, Becker Vineyards has had a Lavender Festival.   Its been one of the things on my todo list.   This year, i put it on my calendar several months ago, so I wouldn’t miss it.    And, it worked!   Today we headed out for a long drive through the hill country, in the miata with the top down.   And we had a really great day…

We walked out through the lavender fields.  They have several different varieties.  It didn’t look quite like I had expected – i was imagining endless rows of deep purple, like in Provence.  But it was pretty, nonetheless.

In bloom.
In bloom.

They also grow their own artichokes.   I have never seen them in the wild before!

Artie chokes three for a dollar 🙂

We walked through the vendor booths.  Lots of lavender goodies, flowers, herbs, nibblies and such. 13042703

Then one more walk through the fields, this shot is looking back at the winery.13042704

We packed a light lunch and ate it at the festival while sipping wine and listening to the Raggedy Cats (we really enjoyed them).

Then a winery tour.   Lots of new factoids.   Becker has been here 20 years or so, and in that time, they’ve increased the amount of their wine that they make from grapes grown at the winery to 85%.  The rest come from Lubbock.13042705

Can’t wait for the Fredericksburg peach harvest!13042706

On the way home we decided to dodge the brewing thunderstorms and buzzed over to Der Lindenbaum in Fredericksburg for some German home cooked food for dinner.

The festival is open tomorrow, too.  Get out there if you can, this year or next!

Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

Salad fixins to-be.

I made it home last night at 11:45, so I was able to give Monte a birthday hug before it was over, after all.

We’re having a lovely Saturday, so far.  I love being home.

I enjoyed walking around the yard this morning to see what had changed in the last week.   Just 7 days ago monte planted some rows of lettuce seed.  As you can see in the shot above, by this morning they’ve formed little green lines of lettuce seedlings.

We took a walk through the park at the end of our street this morning and ended up looking for one geocache there that has eluded us several times.  We couldn’t find it again today.  (darnit!)  When we got home I looked it up again to read recent comments from people who had found it.   It bugged me so much that we decided to go back to try to find it again.  We also checked the magnetic declination (the difference between magnetic and true north) for our area and updated the GPS.  And this time we took our bikes.   We ended up finding it… FINALLY… and then went on to look for (and found) two others in another park nearby.  Whew.  What a relief.

Now we’re plotting how to spend the rest of St Patrick’s Day.

I hope you have a great one, too!

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