This part of New York is quite scenic, striped with miles of meandering stone walls.  I like to think they were stacked by hand in the 1800s, bordering pastures and property lines.  Slow work, I’m sure, but enduring.   

 I’m headed home.  TGIF!! 


Interstate caching. 

My meetings wrapped up atound 6 o’clock.  I had about an hour and a half til sunset.   So…. I set out for the woods before coming back to my hotel for an evening of email and work.   I’m close to the border of Connecticut and New York where I’m staying, so I managed to find geocaches in both states tonight.  

This is a placid pond I came across along one of the trails.   


Werking (on the road).

It’s Friday so I must be headed home.


I know this is a poor quality photo of the NY skyline. It looks clearer to me, fwiw. The tallest building on the left is the new Freedom Tower standing guard over ground zero.

Form over function.

Funny looking tree.

I do love driving up north of New York City.  In about a span of 5-10 minutes the scenery quickly turns from city sprawl to forest, hills, rocks and streams.   I can drive the route between La Guardia Aiport to Somers in my sleep.   There’s one sight on the Hutchinson River Parkway at about exit 24 that always makes me chuckle – a curious looking pine tree.

I decided to take of picture of it as I was zooming by in traffic today, on my way back to the airport.

Tree or not a tree?  🙂

Day and night.

Pink Pentas.

This morning started early, as usual.  I’m leaving for NY again this morning and I still had to pack.  I took a walk out back after a few calls.  This is a shot of one of the recently planted pentas, well in bloom;  with droplets from this morning’s watering still there.

I made it to La Guardia without incident.  This is a shot going over the Whitestone Bridge – perennially under construction.   The sunset was pretty.  I was hoping to get a shot of Manhattan from the port side of the plane, but for some reason, the plane approached from the east on landing, instead of the west, so I missed getting a shot.

Westchester bound.


Jun 28, 2010

Empire state of mind

Back to NY for meetings this week.  I indulged myself by traveling on Monday instead of Sunday.

As we were landing, I took this shot of the Empire State Building and surrounding part of Manhattan right before sunset.   I don’t have time to hit the big city this trip though.  I’m blowing right through La Guardia and headed to Somers.

I have another shot of the Financial district on the southern tip of the island,  but it still just looks wrong without those 2 towers.  Hard to believe that was nearly 9 years ago.

Over the weekend I read in the news that a 6 month old infant was killed and her mother seriously injured by a falling tree branch while posing for a photo taken by the father during a visit to the Central Park Zoo.   So terribly sad, and so random.

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