Planting a cache.


Geo-caching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game, where you look for hidden containers, or “geo-caches,” using GPS-enabled devices.  People can post the coordinates for caches they have hidden, for others to find.  And geo-cachers can share their stories of their finds online.

We enjoy geo-caching in the nearby parks and woodlands.  And we especially enjoy taking other people, especially kids, geo-caching with us when they visit.

On my last birthday, Monte bought me an ammo-case, which is the perfect thing to use for a geo-cache because it is durable and has a rubber gasket around the top, which makes it relatively weatherproof.

Today we took Fran, Rebecca and Aaron geo-caching in the greenbelt near our house, and I brought my own geo-cache to hide.  Inside my geocache is a disposable camera, so when people find and open the cache, they can take a picture of themselves, and leave the camera inside for the next people.  The shot above shows the cache, as we left it.

We found 4 out of 6 caches that we were looking for… not bad.  The kids, big and small, had fun.

After we got home I posted the coordinates of my new cache to   Now I can monitor it online for log entries from people that have found it.

Check out for caches near you to look for and find.  Happy hunting!

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