Eight years!

I’ve been out of town for nearly two weeks.   I’ll post a summary of my trip once I get through the over 1,000 photos I took.  But when I logged on yesterday, WordPress greeted me with a reminder of my blogoversary.  Eight years ago I started posting moments from my days on sheila365.com.   Thanks for sharing them with me!


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A busy two weeks and a new find.

I have been challenged in posting the last two weeks.  We are in the middle of a 3 week set of back to back visits from family.  Which we absolutely love, but it means a little less time to tend to my photoblog.   The real challenge though is that the WordPress for iOS app that I use primarily for quick posts is broken and completely useless since the last 2 updates (both updates ver 5.4 and 5.4.1) of the app.  So I’m using the browser version of the app for this post.   I hope they get it together and fix the problem in the next update.

One set of guests were unaccompanied minors, so I had to get a pass to go through security and accompany them to their gate to pick them up and drop them off at the airport.   As I was strolling along the concourse on the west end of the ABIA terminal, I spotted some lovely, colorful prints on display from a Texas artist that I hadn’t seen before.  The artist is Margie Crisp, and her prints are simply beautiful.   I took a picture of one – couldn’t avoid the reflections from the lights in the airport.  This one is called In the shadow of Buchanan Dam.   Inks Lake is in the foreground, with images of all the things I love about the Central Texas Hill Country.


I googled her to learn more about her and found that she has produced a book called  River of Contrasts: The Texas Colorado, which features many of her river prints.  As I’ve come to love the Colorado myself, I’m going to order one.

You might want to check her out, too.

As for me, i need to get moving… we are headed to the lake to raft-up overnight.

Apr 10, 2011


I am woefully out of shape and would like to figure out how I can permanently make time in my schedule for exercise.

I saw this post last week about the Worldwide WordPress 5K – a virtual 5K being “hosted” by Automattic — encouraging bloggers to do a 5K (run, walk, jog, whatever) between April 4 and April 10.   I got mine in this afternoon on the treadmill…  after running errands, grocery shopping, paying bills and doing some yardwork.  YAY!!

I’ve been a blogger on WordPress now for about 13 months.  I recently completed my 365 photo challenge and am still finding real pleasure in toting my camera around looking for a photo of a moment to share on my blog each day.    Thanks to WordPress and their wwwp5K  for getting me moving.   Maybe my blog will expand into an exercise blog now??   🙂

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