Stained glass trilogy.

I’ve enjoyed playing with the iPhone app called Brushstroke. It’s a pretty versatile app for adding water-color / oil painting effect to photos.

These are three shots I took in different cathedrals on my birthday trip to France, with a little post-processing with Brushstroke.

Notre Dame. Paris:


Cathedral Notre-Dame de Chartres. Chartres:

Sainte-Chapelle. Paris:


Onward and upward.

Glass window in D terminal.
Portion of glass artwork in SeaTac Concourse D.

I’m at SeaTac, ready to board my flight back to Austin.  I need to come up here more often.

The D Concourse has some very large glass artwork in the windows.  Here’s a couple of peeks.  Both of these are by an artist named Dick Weiss.

I’ll be home in a jif!

Glass window #2.
Glass art #2.

Celtic knot glasswork.

Another of Noreen's creations.
Another of Noreen’s creations.

My mom has been on my mind lately, so earlier this month I decided to make a trip to spend some time with her before the Christmas bustle.  I can work from her house there and spend the evenings with her.

So today, after work, I hopped on a plane.   It is pouring rain here, and is expected to do the same all week.   I wish i could bring some of this water home with me…

I’ll also have a chance to see my sisters and brother while i’m here.  An added bonus.  Noreen gave me this beautiful leaded glass piece that she designed and made just for me.  Celtic knot… love it!  She does beautiful work.  I can’t wait to pick out a place to hang it at home.