Momma’s got a brand new bag.

My boat sewing projects continue. This week I made a pair of new halyard bags for Nirvana. These replace the tattered ones that originally came with the boat.

They sit on the bulkhead in the cockpit and stow all lines coming from the rope clutches on the top of the house.


They are made from vinyl-coated polyester mesh, Phifertex Plus, which has a slightly tighter weave than the original material. I added grommets in the bottom of each pouch to help water drain.

Wood as art.

Walnut beads.
Walnut beads.

For a week or two near the end of every year the shop outback becomes Santa’s Workshop.  This year, Santa gave me some beautiful, hand-cut wooden beads for stringing, made out of walnut.

Today, the first day of 2013, I pulled out my box of beading supplies and tools and set out to make something with the walnut pieces.  I ended up stringing together a bracelet.   I like how it turned out.

Thanks Santa!


Peek-a-boo Birdhouse.

Ready to hang.

A few weeks ago, I saw a birdhouse in a catalog which had sides that were hinged like doors, which when open revealed plexiglass walls inside.  The idea being that you could open the birdhouse to peek inside if any birds decide to nest and take up residence.

The design seemed simple enough, so I sketched something on paper and whipped one up out of cedar.   I think I’m more pleased about making it than I will be to find any birds inside.  But, stay tuned…

Thanks to monte for help on some of the work that required table saw cuts.   I’m certified to use all the tools in the shop, except for that one.  🙂

The shot above is of the newly finished birdhouse.  The wall on the left is opened up and you can see through to the inside through the plastic wall.

By the way, we have been blessed with some intermittent rain showers over the last week, so as you can see in the background, things are starting to green up a bit.  I was pleased to see the bluebonnets starting to leaf out, as they should in the autumn.   I guess months of searing, endless, scorching heat does the trick on cracking their tough seeds for germination.   I hope this is a good sign for lots of bluebonnets in the spring — though we’ll need LOTS more rain between now and then.

Knockin’ things off my todo list.


Every day is a blessing.  But, to me, birthdays are extra special.   My day started with rain (yay!).   Followed by birthday coffee, birthday presents, and day 5 of vacation.

Having a birthday near (and sometimes on) Thanksgiving means that most of my childhood birthday cakes featured pilgrim candles.   For most of my adult years, I celebrate my birthday by taking the entire week of Thanksgiving off for vacation.   And I LOVE it.

I spent part of today shopping.  Yes, like a school girl 🙂   And I crossed off nearly everything on my list.

Then when I came home I set out to start (and complete) a project that has been on my Todo list for a while – Do-it-yourself Flaming Rock Bowls.   I saw these online a few months ago and wanted to give it a try.

I made 3.  1 broke.   So I have 2 left.   The shot above is of one of the bowls, curing.

I’ll light them up this Thanksgiving.   Stay tuned.