Knockin’ things off my todo list.


Every day is a blessing.  But, to me, birthdays are extra special.   My day started with rain (yay!).   Followed by birthday coffee, birthday presents, and day 5 of vacation.

Having a birthday near (and sometimes on) Thanksgiving means that most of my childhood birthday cakes featured pilgrim candles.   For most of my adult years, I celebrate my birthday by taking the entire week of Thanksgiving off for vacation.   And I LOVE it.

I spent part of today shopping.  Yes, like a school girl 🙂   And I crossed off nearly everything on my list.

Then when I came home I set out to start (and complete) a project that has been on my Todo list for a while – Do-it-yourself Flaming Rock Bowls.   I saw these online a few months ago and wanted to give it a try.

I made 3.  1 broke.   So I have 2 left.   The shot above is of one of the bowls, curing.

I’ll light them up this Thanksgiving.   Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Knockin’ things off my todo list.”

    1. Thanks Michaela . They look much more rustic than the originals in the picture from Restoration Hardware but they should look nice at night when lit.
      Happy Thanksgiving!

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