If you build it, they will come.

Bewick wren egg in nest.

Exactly 4 months ago today I posted a picture of a birdhouse I had just made.   The sides are hinged and open to reveal clear plastic walls inside the birdhouse – a “peek-a-boo” birdhouse.

The birdhouse sat on the table next to the couch for a long time, because Keeto liked to perch on it while we were all sitting in the gameroom.  But I finally hung it up outside about 6 weeks ago.

Well, I couldn’t help myself, so I finally peeked inside and saw a nest and an egg!  My friend Doray said it could be a bewick wren, when I described the momma bird to her that has been keeping watch in the birdhouse and nearby.   I looked it up online and sure enough, i think it is a bewick wren.  Just one egg, though.   But, I’m so excited to see a birdie in residence.

I was also happy to see mom come back to the birdhouse afterwards.  I’ll leave them in peace now and resist the urge to take another look.

Mom returns.

Peek-a-boo Birdhouse.

Ready to hang.

A few weeks ago, I saw a birdhouse in a catalog which had sides that were hinged like doors, which when open revealed plexiglass walls inside.  The idea being that you could open the birdhouse to peek inside if any birds decide to nest and take up residence.

The design seemed simple enough, so I sketched something on paper and whipped one up out of cedar.   I think I’m more pleased about making it than I will be to find any birds inside.  But, stay tuned…

Thanks to monte for help on some of the work that required table saw cuts.   I’m certified to use all the tools in the shop, except for that one.  🙂

The shot above is of the newly finished birdhouse.  The wall on the left is opened up and you can see through to the inside through the plastic wall.

By the way, we have been blessed with some intermittent rain showers over the last week, so as you can see in the background, things are starting to green up a bit.  I was pleased to see the bluebonnets starting to leaf out, as they should in the autumn.   I guess months of searing, endless, scorching heat does the trick on cracking their tough seeds for germination.   I hope this is a good sign for lots of bluebonnets in the spring — though we’ll need LOTS more rain between now and then.

Aug 27, 2010

Morning has broken

Sunrise this morning was at 7:05.   I watched the sun creep over the house into the back yard, lighting up the trees as it went.   The light at that time of the day is beautiful.  I took this shot about an hour after sunrise.

As I waited for the sun to hit the birdhouse, Cat Stevens’  Morning Has Broken kept running through my head.  Here’s a youtube link if you want to hear it for real.

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