Simply the best.

Monte and I have just returned from Panama City Beach – a week-long celebration of Gene & Jo’s 50th wedding anniversary with their entire family.  I am grateful to have been included in the celebration.  It was simply awesome. The location.  The beach.  The silliness.  The catching up.  The family.  The celebrating.   Thank you Gene & Jo!

I’ll share just a few pictures of the beautiful setting:

We arrived in Panama City Beach at sunset last Saturday, after an extra long drive, due to I-10 shutdowns.

One morning we were treated to a view from our back deck of an amazing double rainbow.


The sea was different every day.  This was from one morning after overnight rainshowers.


A week of amazing sunsets.


Surf-side fireworks one night.


One of the few pelican shots I captured.


April 9 – Heading home.

Wednesday, April 9.

We all flew to San Juan together.    Then headed to our respective destinations.  What a great trip!   Monte, you were an awesome Skipper.   Susanne and Laura, you are TROOPERs!  We’re so glad you could come along on this adventure.

This is our third charter with ProValor Charters, thanks Jim & Cecilia!

Thanks to Doray and Tom for Keeto-sitting.

And thanks, too, to Marty & Sue for teaching us the charter ropes on our past trips with them.   We are looking forward to you joining the next trip with the crazy B-dockers.

I go to come back!


Our route…


So…. would I want to do the whole check-out-of-BVI, check-in-and-out-of-USVI, then check-back-in-to-BVI Customs & Immigration thing again?   Not sure.   St John was amazing, but it did burn some of our days planning where and when to check-in/out.  I guess the take away is that it is best to be flexible….especially with the weather… and just roll with it.

April 5 – A long day.

Saturday, April 5.

We headed out early this morning, by 7:30AM.   Winds are still 20+ knots.  3-5′ seas, very rough.  Luckily the rain seems to have passed.  We sailed it to Soper’s Hole, to go through BVI Customs & Immigration again.  We picked up a few more provisions there, but quickly headed back out to make Cooper Island by sunset, and join up again with Maggie and Tan-a-na.

The BVI Spring Regatta is in full swing this week.  We got a front-row seat of some of the races as we cruised across the channel to Cooper Island.


We pulled into Machioneel Bay at 4pm, at exactly the same time Maggie did.  After a quick dip we all met up at the Cooper Island Beach Club for Happy Hour and dinner.  It’s good to have the gang back together.

Cooper Island has the best sunsets…..

I ♥ Cooper.


April 3 – New day, new country.

Thursday, April 3.

This morning we topped up the water tank, got some ice and emergency provisions (i.e., Dove Bars) before heading out from Great Harbour.

Dove Bar wisdom.
Dove Bar wisdom.

Destination:  St. John’s of the U.S. Virgin Islands.  Since we’ll be leaving BVI and entering USVI, we have to visit Customs & Immigration to check out before leaving here, and check in at Cruz Bay once arriving in St. Johns.   This is our first time to go to USVI by boat from BVI and deal with the Customs/Immigration thing.   I’ll let you know later if it’s worth it.


We didn’t go ashore in Cruz Bay other than to clear customs.   We caught a ball in Caneel Bay and ate lunch, then waited through some rain showers for the other 2 boats’ crews to come back to make a plan for the night.   The original plan was to stay in Leinster Bay on the north side of St. John’s.  But we’re getting intermittent rain stroms, and the wind is really kicking up now.  So, the NE swells would make for a very rough mooring.  Instead, Monte suggested Lameshur Bay on the south side of the island.   Maggie stayed in Caneel Bay, since they were unable to anchor if it turned out they didn’t get a mooring ball.   But Tan-a-Na and Jim’s Dream decided to make a run through the rain for a very remote and unspoiled Great Lameshur Bay, and got two of the last remaining mooring balls in time to watch a beautiful sunset.

A rain shower in the distance, from Lameshur Bay.
A rain shower in the distance, from Lameshur Bay.
Sunset over Great Lameshur Bay, St. John's, USVI
Sunset over Great Lameshur Bay, St. John’s, USVI


March 29 – Road trip!

We’re on our way to the Caribbean for a sailing vacay!  Our flight itinerary takes us there via Puerto Rico.   We’ve decided to stay 2 nights in San Juan, since we never visited there before.  We won’t have (and don’t want!) internet connectivity while we’re away, so I’m drafting these blog entries as I go along, and am posting them in order, after I get back.

Saturday, March 29.

We are leaving on a beautiful day in Austin.  Here’s a great shot from the plane showing Lady Bird Lake, Zilker Park, the booming downtown skyline, the 40 acres, Longhorn stadium, UT tower, Erwin Center, the Capitol, Disch-Falk field, … What else can you spot?

20140329-115220.jpgAfter arriving in San Juan and checking into the hotel, we took a walk around the neighborhood.  We stopped into a pub nearby and I found one of my favorite brewskis from my misspent awesome youth!


Our crew, Susanne and Laura, arrive in San Juan tomorrow!

Last workday of the year!

….well, sort of…. I will be on call for work client emergencies during Christmas. Come to think of it, i got stuck with oncall last christmas as well. Crikey. Oh well. Nothing could go wrong, right?!
Anyhow, that will not dim my unbridled anticipation of turning on my out-of-office email message in a few short hours.
That makes today a VERY special TGIF for me.
I hope you have a great Friday, too.


Virtual Friday!!!

This has been yet another busy week.   But, today is the last day of work for me, as we’re taking a long weekend.   Wooo Hooooo!

Tonight I stopped by Mayfield Park on the way to a friend’s house.  There are peacocks in residence here, and a couple were putting on a show when I arrived.

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Back to the grind.

Back to work.
Back to work.

Today is my first day back to work. (sniffle)

Less macbook.  More thinkpad.

Less freetime.  More stress.

Less sleep (?).  Hope not.  I have been sleeping pretty well the last 2 weeks.

Though I don’t write them down, one of my resolutions for this year should really be to work smarter.   I already work pretty hard (if I may say so).    So if I’m going to enjoy the majority of my waking life that I spend working these days, I must better prioritize, manage time and …. say no from time to time.

Any suggestions?

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