April 9 – Heading home.

Wednesday, April 9.

We all flew to San Juan together.    Then headed to our respective destinations.  What a great trip!   Monte, you were an awesome Skipper.   Susanne and Laura, you are TROOPERs!  We’re so glad you could come along on this adventure.

This is our third charter with ProValor Charters, thanks Jim & Cecilia!

Thanks to Doray and Tom for Keeto-sitting.

And thanks, too, to Marty & Sue for teaching us the charter ropes on our past trips with them.   We are looking forward to you joining the next trip with the crazy B-dockers.

I go to come back!


Our route…


So…. would I want to do the whole check-out-of-BVI, check-in-and-out-of-USVI, then check-back-in-to-BVI Customs & Immigration thing again?   Not sure.   St John was amazing, but it did burn some of our days planning where and when to check-in/out.  I guess the take away is that it is best to be flexible….especially with the weather… and just roll with it.

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