Back to the grind.

Back to work.
Back to work.

Today is my first day back to work. (sniffle)

Less macbook.  More thinkpad.

Less freetime.  More stress.

Less sleep (?).  Hope not.  I have been sleeping pretty well the last 2 weeks.

Though I don’t write them down, one of my resolutions for this year should really be to work smarter.   I already work pretty hard (if I may say so).    So if I’m going to enjoy the majority of my waking life that I spend working these days, I must better prioritize, manage time and …. say no from time to time.

Any suggestions?

Good advice.


“And we must study through reading, listening, discussing, observing and thinking. We must not neglect any one of those ways of study.  The trouble with most of us is that we fall down on the latter — thinking — because it’s hard work for people to think.  And, as Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler said recently, ‘all of the problems of the world could be settled easily if men were only willing to think.'”

                    — Thomas J. Watson, 1915 (audio)

IBM founder Thomas J. Watson was an inspiring figure and entrepreneur.  He introduced the “THINK” slogan in the early days of the company to motivate and inspire IBMers.  It was the first US trademark registered by IBM.  Over the century, this one-word slogan has adorned IBM buildings, publications, ads and presentations.  Back in the day, IBMers carried around small, leatherbound THINK note pads to capture great thoughts and ideas.

The original ThinkPad.

Those little notebooks later inspired the name of the IBM ThinkPad line of laptops in the 1990s.  I’ve always thought that was clever.  I think TJ Watson would, too.

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