Beergarden view. 

We met Fran and Art for a beer after work yesterday.  This is the view from the outdoor beer garden.  The air is hazy from the smoke of nearby fires.   That is Vashon Island in the background.   Last fall I posted about a guy living in a shed on a floating raft anchored off this point.  Well, his shed burned down since then, and now he’s got a teepee on the raft.   A gaggle of geese are crossing in front of it. 


A gaggle of geese.

Idyllic setting.
Idyllic setting.

My meetings this week have been running from early AM to late PM.  It’s tiring.   I took a break today at lunch to walk around outside.   These geese are only about half of those that were hanging out in the lake on the property.   Before I walked up, they were pointing in all different directions.   By the time I got up close to take a few shots, they were all lined up, staring at me, giving me…. the goose-eye.  🙂

May 26, 2010

Somers geese

Another long day.  The IBM site here in Somers sits on a huge, wooded piece of property.  For as long as I’ve been coming here there have always been large flocks of Canadian geese and many deer all over the property.

I took this picture as I was leaving the site at the end of the day.   The geese were heading down to one of their ponds for happy hour.

I went to dinner at a nearby Indian restaurant with a team of IBMers.  Around the table were 2 Americans, 1 Canadian, 2 Indians, 2 Koreans, 1 German and 1 person from Taiwan — a very enjoyable evening.

Now I must say goodnight so I can finish the presentation that I have to give first thing in the morning.