Waterfront home with a view.

After a glorious summer, Seattle has been blanketed with rain this week – coincident with my arrival here. That’s ok. I’ve almost forgotten what rain is like, altogether.
I’ve been trying to go out and exercise every day, but I’m going to need a better rain jacket!
Thankfully, the rain clouds parted for a time Thursday, so Fran and I got out and about to enjoy some sunshine.
I heard the story of one of the locals who lives in a tiny (10′ x 10′ ish) cabin that floats offshore, off the grid, and off the property tax rolls. The cabin is floating to the left of this shot, with Mount Rainier poking above the horizon to the right. He sure has a beautiful view!


One thought on “Waterfront home with a view.”

  1. It rained almost the entire time I was there this summer. It was strangely delightful, and a welcome change from the humid Texas heat. Beautiful picture!

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