Sep 26, 2010

What a difference a day makes

The temperatures were cooler today, and the wind showed up.  We spent the afternoon sailing up and down the lake.   We made a quick stop to pick up Joe and Wally at the dock.  Kurt was dragging several kids behind his boat and Marty & Sue showed up to play as well.

This is a shot of Caribbean Hug getting ready to wash the decks.

It’s fun to be on the lake on a day like today, but it’s even better with friends.

Sep 24, 2010


The leaves are just starting to turn here in New York.   I had an invite to come back up in 2 weeks to give a talk, and I declined because calendar conflicts.  But I really wish I would be able to make it, because in 2 weeks the leaves ought to be spectacular.   That alone would make it worth it.

I’ve had Nat King Cole’s Autumn Leaves running through my head non-stop.  I love that song.

It will always remind me of a lovely day outside of Parma on our honeymoon.

Sep 7, 2010

Hermine comes to town

Seemingly out of nowhere a tropical storm formed in the Gulf of Mexico late Sunday.  It is named Hermine and is passing just to the west of Austin.  Hermine has brought a bunch of steady rain to Austin today and more to come tomorrow.   Julie is headed off today for a meeting on campus and to do some exploring, so the rain is not what we would have ordered for today, but we’ll take it any way we can get it.

Sep 6, 2010

Campus stop

We took a trip through the UT campus today, so Julie would know her way around when she comes back for a meeting tomorrow.    The campus is really nice.  Today is the Labor Day holiday, so there was not much traffic or people milling about (except for the person I captured in this photo, apparently).

This is a shot from the South of the UT Tower and the Main Building in front of it.   The inscription across the top of the Main Building says “Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.”   Amen.

We also drove a bit around downtown and south of the river, through Zilker Park — stopping for the mandatory Sno-Beach sno-cone (the best sno-cones in the entire world, by the way).

Sep 5, 2010

Labor Day Eve

Another fun day spent on the lake with friends.  Julie, Monte and I gave Laura and Dolya a ride out to the raftup in Arky North.   We missed Michelle & Tony, passing them as we were entering the cove.  We joined Camelot, Dancer, Island Time, Prelude, and Caribbean Hug and played until after sunset.   This is a shot from our bow looking out of the cove.  There are quite a few other boats enjoying a quiet night on the lake.

Julie’s taking to this Austin way of life really quickly 😉

Sep 4, 2010

Saturday night lights

My niece, Julie, arrived tonight for a visit.  We went down to 6th Street and caught the Esther’s Follies show – a must see if you ever make a visit to Austin.   After the show we walked up and down 6th St for a while.   The cross streets are cordoned off at night so that the crowds can walk in the street — no cars.  We buzzed through the beautiful Driskill Hotel lobby and bar, walked over to Congress for a view of the lit Capitol dome.  Unfortunately it’s surrounded by scaffolding for renovations for the forseeable future.

It’s hard for me to pass up any flashing plasticky fluorescent light bauble — I bought these from a street vendor along the way.

Aug 31, 2010

Micro macro

Today is Tuesday, but all day long I felt like something was ending…like it was a Friday.   Maybe it’s just that today is the last day of August, and after so many years attending one school or another, my biological calendar is still more attuned to the end of summer vacation and the beginning of a new school year.    Or maybe I’m just tired 😉

I went for a walk tonight and took some pictures of some tall storm clouds that were reflecting the sunset colors… but none of them came out very well.   I also got a close up of a butterfly, but on closer inspection it looked an awful lot like a butterfly that I took a picture of back in July, so I decided to skip that one, too.

So, I’m reverting to a photo I took this morning while the coffee was brewing.   I’ve been experimenting to see how well I can use the manual focus on close-up shots.   This is a toy Farmall tractor that Monte got when we were at the farm supply company last year to buy hardware for the sliding barn doors that we made for the shop.   It reminded him of the Farmall Cub that his dad had when he was a kid.   This one is 2 inches long and about an inch high.

I wouldn’t mind having a life size one if it had a lawn mower attachment.

Aug 29, 2010


Spent the day trying to make headway on the work-front.  I had the local public radio station, KUT FM 90.5, playing in the background to keep me company.   An Austin staple — lots of great, homegrown music and regular radio programs.  Check out their live stream here.

Aug 28, 2010

You lookin' at me?

We got an early start on a much needed deep clean of the house today.  Later in the morning Monte was outside sweeping the patio when he told me that there was a praying mantis on one of the patio chairs.  I grabbed my camera and started taking a bunch of closeups.  The contrast is a bit poor because this bug was pretty much the same color as the chair.

This shot was taken a couple of seconds before he (she?) lept the few inches of space between it and the camera and hung on to the lens.   It’s a good thing this Canon D10 is shock-proof as well as waterproof because I proceeded to scream and drop the camera.

Nothing like a close encounter with an insect to get the blood flowing…