Pet store stop. 

From time to time, we like to stop in at the pet store where Keeto found us.  They have birds of all sizes, bunnies, fish, and the new resident — a large tortoise.  His name is Columbus, because he walks around the store, exploring, all day.  He’s a big one, over 2 feet long. 

I guess my iPhone camera skills are ruined now that I have my new camera 🙂    This was the best shot I took.   

The circle of life.

Today we met Julie’s new dog, Blake.  She’s a good doggie, and I know will bring much happiness into eachothers lives.

IMG_3264 Today we also learned that another one of our canine friends, Kokopelli (aka “the Admiral”), left us for the big boat in the sky.  Farewell, Koko, you were a great boat dog, and a good friend to Marty and Sue for many years.  Sail on…. we’ll miss you.1-DSCN3701

A flock once more.

Blue bird in the house.

Nearly 11 years ago a little blue parakeet adopted us.  Petey lived with us 9 long years.  We have waited some time before getting another bird but have started looking over the summer.

Over the weekend we found a gentle little boy (we hope) who has some of Petey’s coloring, but is different enough to be his own little bird.

We brought Keeto home tonight.   Here’s to the newest member of our flock!

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