On top of the world.

Most days, Keeto likes to leave his cage and fly around the house. I think he enjoys the exercise and the freedom. He has a couple of favorite perch locations that he flits between. Sometimes he likes to play hide and seek with us, though, and will land somewhere different and sit still as we look around for him. This morning I spied him sitting on a globe that I have placed atop an armoire in a far corner of the gameroom. I had to sneak a photo with my telephoto lens from across the house. 🙂 You’re IT, Keeto.

Wild thing.

After a hard afternoon of yard work on Friday, Monte and I were sitting on the back patio enjoying a brewski. Keeto was out there with us in his cage (sans brewski). I caught a flash of blue at the bird feeder. It was a budgie! And a blue one at that.

It appears to be a young male. I didn’t see a band, and the wings don’t appear to be clipped, so I don’t know if it is wild or escaped. He didn’t stay long, but I saw him again Friday, several times on Saturday, and again this morning. I have named him Niño. 🙂 I will put a cage out to see if he wants to take shelter.

What a sweet treat!

How’s it hanging?

We had a great day on the lake today.   The winds picked up so we pulled anchor and sailed over to the Gnarly Gar and had lunch.    Jake did great at the helm.   On the way back to the marina, the winds were so light that Monte and Jake were able to jump in and be towed behind the boat, as we sailed along at about half a knot.


When we got back home, Keeto was very happy to see the flock return, as usual.   He’s a funny bird.


The evening was filled with Wii contests of strength and speed; a delicious spread of sauteed pork chops, pasta and kale that Jake prepared; and the mandatory showing of Captain Ron for new-sailor initiation.

A great weekend!

Our very own Seahawk.

Go Hawks!
Go Hawks!

We watched the Seahawks win their 1st playoff game today versus the Redskins.  Yay!

Next are the Falcons, a week from today.  (A girl can hope!)

Keeto is our own little Seahawk.  Fierce, isn’t he?  🙂

He’s about 16 months now.  Quite the chatty cathy.

Have a great week!


Tuesday at the chez…

Latest project.

It’s Tuesday already.  Almost halfway to the weekend!  The picture above is of Monte’s latest project… a homemade sundial.  I think this is a prototype.  But it seems to work pretty well.  He’s aligned the center of the dial with magnetic North using a compass. Some adjustments will be necessary.  Stayed tuned.

The zinnia patch has flower stalks that are over 4′ tall.  We’re still harvesting them. This is today’s selection.

Fresh cut zinnies.

And, last one, this is a shot of 2/3’s of the flock as we settle in for the evening.

Whacha dooin?


Birthday budgie.

Happy 1st Birthday Keeto!

When we adopted Keeto last year, he was approximately 6 weeks old.  Based on that we guesstimated his birthday to be August 15.  Today marks the completion of his first lap around the sun.  Happy Birthday birdie!

Party animal.


Wanna come see me?!

Have you ever known of a parakeet that comes when you call it?  Monte and I think it’s a pretty cool trick.   Working from home today, I left Keeto in the kitchen on his perch in the window.  My office is all the way on the other side of the house down a hall with several doors off of it.  After a while I called Keeto…  and aimed the camera at the door.  It wasn’t too long that I heard him flapping down the hall and caught a few pics of him coming into my office… landing on my hand a couple seconds later.

The pictures aren’t too good.  He repeated the trick a few times and I used a couple of different shutter speeds.  This was the best sequence I captured.

It’s a bird… no, it’s a plane… no, it IS a bird.  Pretty bird!

Keeto at about 10 1/2 months.


After being out of town all last week, it’s nice to be home this week — for lots of reasons.  One is that I get to visit with Keeto in the morning.  Such a pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty bird.

Keeto will be 1 year old around the middle of August.    It’ll be another good excuse to throw a party.  🙂

Gimme a kiss.

Keeto at about 8 months.

Keeto is about 8 months old.  His flight feathers are in and he has mastered flying.  He loves to sit on his perch in the window, which is about 2 feet away from a hummingbird feeder.   When the hummingbirds fly up to the feeder, I don’t know who is more freaked out, the hummingbirds or Keeto.   He also will fly between Monte and I when we are all sitting down to watch TV.   He seems to be pretty house-trained.   Good thing. …and he loves to give kisses.

Today is day 2 of an absolutely beautiful weekend.   Monte has headed to the lake,  and I am working.   Ok.  Well.  I will be as soon as I post this.

We are looking forward to a fun evening at the One World Theatre.   For Christmas, I gave monte tickets for 2 for the Diane Schuur concert this evening.   I made him humongous paper tickets for the gift.  The real tix are actually at will-call.   But we’re bringing the home-made tickets with us to see if they’ll let us in with them anyway 🙂

Great seats.

Oh, and Happy Earth Day!

Leaning into it.

Help like this, I don't need.

It is not my intent to post lots of pictures of our bird, but I couldn’t help this one.  Keeto likes to walk around my desk, investigating everything.  He makes frequent trips to the keyboard to get his head scratched.  What a sweet bird 🙂

His cere is still a bit ambiguous – not quite all blue yet.  But he’s started vocalizing and mimicking, so my money is on male.

Well groomed.

It is fun to watch Keeto’s emerging bird:human relationship develop.  He likes to sit on our shoulders.   If he is on my shoulder while I’m typing on the computer keyboard, he will walk down my arm, stand on the keyboard and peck at my fingers to get me to rub his head.   He is starting his first molt, so i’m sure the new feathers are very itchy.

As you can see in the shot above, he enjoys grooming monte – he’s got his work cut out for him though 🙂

Keeto at about 10 weeks.

Little blue buddy.

We brought Keeto home a little over one month ago, at which time we estimate he was 6 weeks old.  He’s getting comfortable, growing a bit (I think).  We are trying to broaden his diet, which is working out ok so far.

He is a very sweet bird.  He looks a lot like Petey, but has a very different personality.  He’s quite the explorer – likes to run around the game room.  His wings are still clipped from when we picked him up, so he hasn’t mastered full flight yet.  He is hand trained, which was very easy from the beginning, and likes to have his head scratched.

We’re still not sure if he is a boy or girl.   After his first molt, which will be in the next couple months, his cere should change to blue or pink for good.   I’ll let you know how that turns out.

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