New York state of mind.

Central Park.

We had another full day today at the THINK Forum.   Today’s speakers included the President of the Philippines, President of Costa Rica, CEOs or Chief Scientists from Dupont, Royal Dutch Shell, Dow Chemical, Bharti, ICICI Bank, Mars (chocolate company, not the planet), the head of the World Trade Organization, Charlie Rose the TV guy, Tom Friedman the Foreign Affairs columnist for the New York Times… to name a few.

After the last session I decided to walk, and I took a detour through Central Park.   By the time I got close to my hotel they had several blocks completely closed to car and pedestrian traffic.  They had 2 large garbage trucks pulled across each of the the intersections to prevent someone from driving a car through the barricades.   Apparently, Obama was leaving his hotel, which is right across the street from my hotel.   I couldn’t get anywhere near my hotel for another 30 minutes or so.  I also learned from our doorman that the President of Iran – Ahmadinejad – is in the hotel cate-corner to mine.   Tough neighborhood.

Anyway, I eventually got back to my hotel in time to shower, shampoo and shine and get ready to head to the Rose Hall, the Home of Jazz at Lincoln Center for a special, one time performance in honor of the IBM Centennial.  Kind of funny to see all my fellow IBMers dressed in black tie and formal gowns.  The performance was commissioned by IBM especially to celebrate this occasion.   It was AWESOME.   Morgan Freeman was the emcee, and performers included the Julliard Orchestra, singer Jessye Norman, modern dance performers, violinist Joshua Bell, Steve Martin, and Patty LaBelle.  Here’s a shot of the troupe on stage after the finale.

IBM Centennial Performance.

The current and last 2 CEOs (and i’m pretty sure the next one) were in the audience, as were the grandkids of TJ Watson.   Afterwards, we had dinner at the Opera House.   I’m back in the hotel now, and am very tired, but inspired, and a little spoiled. 🙂

6 thoughts on “New York state of mind.”

  1. What a phenomenal experience – thanks for sharing these memories of a lifetime!! I’m sure President Obama felt much safer with the garbage trucks in place. (haha)

  2. Hey, I was a part of the orchestra at the Gala and I was wondering if I could borrow the picture you took for my blog entry. I am glad you enjoyed the performance!

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