We enjoyed a nice night on the boat last night, and spent a leisurely morning at anchor.   We were back home in time for me to bake a cake for the birthday boy.    And, taking liberties with being the big kids that we are, that’s what we had for dinner!  #notgonnagrowup


80 is the new 70!

Happy Birthday, Mom!

We celebrated mom’s birthday at a luncheon with family and friends.   It was lovely.

Ten years ago, i was unable to attend her 70th birthday surprise party due to the US airspace remaining closed after the 9/11 attack.  How quickly a decade has slipped away.  But, I’m glad we were able to make it here this time to celebrate with everyone.

Nov 22, 2010

Happy Birthday!

If today is your birthday, I hope it was a special day.   Special for me meant spending the day not at work (or trying not to be) and with my sweetie.  We are taking the week off.   Not going anywhere…that we know of yet.   Just taking it easy.

Monte baked me a chocolate cake from scratch with raspberry in between and powedered sugar on top.   Looks GOOD!   I got to lick the spatula, too.

If I weren’t a grown woman of 29, I’d just tear right into it!    🙂

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