Unos momentos desde mi Cinco de Mayo.

Hola!  Happy Cinco de Mayo.  Before I forget, I want to post this shot that I took yesterday.   I took it with my waterproof camera from the kayak, so I wasn’t able to upload it until today.   This is Nirvana and Sapphire at anchor.    Pretty boats.

Rafted up in Arky South.
Rafted up in Arky South.

Today I paddled completely around Arky South cove.  I enjoy paddling.  But I like, even more, cruising along the shore for found objects.   Today’s haul: 4 plastic bobbers, 1 popper jig, 1 croppie tube jig, and 2 nice docklines with spliced loops.

Then we pulled up the anchor and sailed for several hours.  We sailed along with Kalliopi (with Nick and his kids on-board) for a while.  Then we turned around and caught a glimpse of Lori, Joe, Wally and Kelly on Camelot, with her newly raised 150 whomper jib.  I think Lori’s getting serious now, ever since Nirvana beat Camelot in a beer can a couple weeks ago. 🙂

On the way home, we saw this guy riding along 620.   Amazing.   It appears to be direct drive, no evidence of a chain.   And, I have no idea how he stops / dismounts this thing – that front tire is about 5′ in diameter.

Lance, is that you?f
Lance, is that you?

And, now back home, we are celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Julie.  Salud!

Made by the master.
Made by the master.

Fins up!

We set out again with Marty and Sue this afternoon for the Austin installment of the Jimmy Buffett “Songs from St. Somewhere” tour.  We got there a couple hours early so we could phlock with all the other parrot heads.  We saw Rob and Jen, too.  Though the concert was postponed 24 hours, the place was packed.

The new Formula 1 track complex is pretty impressive.  It sprawls over 1300 acres, located SE of the Austin airport.  Quite a trek, but boy do they know how to move people in and out quickly and smoothly.


The Austin360 amphitheater is very nice.  Brand new.  Accommodates 14,000, which we must have been close to tonight.  It is nestled between 2 giant hairpin turns of the F1 racecourse.  The tower behind the stage is the observation tower overlooking the racecourse


And the concert was fantastic.  Jackson Browne opened, and Jimmy played for a couple hours straight.  He’s a great entertainer.  I hope he doesn’t wait 17 more years before coming back again.


Happy happy joy joy.

It’s pizza night!  These are the works of art from tonight’s installment.  Rachel and Julie were the pizza artistes.  Monte’s homemade crusts, of course.  The top left one is margherita with tomatoes, mozzarella, home grown basil and olive oil (instead of red sauce). Top right is tomato sauce, prosciutto, onion, basil, red pepper, olive and goat cheese.  Bottom left and right are varying amounts of prosciutto, mushroom, olive, onion, red pepper and mozz.
Yum – life is good !


‘Tis Tuesday.

We have another niece visiting us this week.  Rachel and Monte went out to the lake and sailed for a few hours.  Then Julie and I joined them about 4 o’clock.  We sailed around for a couple more hours.  Then got a great table at the Oasis.  And surprisingly enjoyed the appies that we ordered.  The view of sunset was awesome, as usual.  Very, very nice!


Close encounter.

We spent the night on the boat last night.  Got up this morning and headed out for a sail.  We had a great day – sailed up to Windy Point and back.  Back at the marina we grabbed a bite to eat at Shades and watched the end of the Masters.  Then on to Iguana Grill to watch our friend Wiz and his band play.

As I was sitting listening to the music I saw a tiny hummingbird hit a beam and fall down right next to me.  I think he flew in the open window on his way home and hit the beam.

For all the times I’ve hunkered in the kitchen in front of the window where the hummingbird feeder hangs trying to get a stealth shot – it was really amazing to see one up close.

I didn’t know if he was dead or just stunned.   So I picked him up.  His eyes were open and he was breathing really hard.  He was so tiny!  I held him for 5 minutes or so.  I brought him over to Monte for him to see.   He held him in his hands for a few more minutes.   Then, after his head cleared, he stood up, flew into the air… chirped a “thank-you” and flew home.


Wisdom found on a lake house wall.

This week has been jam-packed.  I seem to be playing catch up from the minute I wake up in the wee hours of the morning.  I’m doing my last meeting from the car this afternoon as we are heading out of town for the weekend.  Lori’s birthday party is tomorrow, and tonight we’re staying with Marty & Sue at a beautiful lake house on Lake LBJ.  This place is fantastic.  When I grow up I want one just like it. 🙂


Good saturday.

We went to a BBQ at Rob and Jen’s house this afternoon.  Many of the couples had babies under 18 months or so that weren’t here last time we saw these guys!!  How.  Time.  Flies.
Rob’s blue bonnets were in rare form.  Just beautiful.


And one last shot of the pascal sky as we stopped by the marina on the way home tonight.

A cross in the sky on the eve of Easter.


Blogoversary #3 (+11 days).

Ack!  I have not been paying attention, but on March 8th, I completed year 3 of’s photoblog!  The first year I faithfully posted a photo-a-day (March 8, 2010 – 2011).  The second and third years were not daily, but close to it.   And after all this time, I still look forward to posting.  But, I enjoy much more looking back on my own posts from time to time to remember the moments I captured.

I am amazed and happy to report that I have 180 followers (thank you!) and I have amassed nearly 15,000 visits, and 1100+ comments.  This aint the New York Times, but it is my very own soapbox to share an interesting thought or two.   I’m glad you are all here to share them with.

In keeping with past years, here is a collage of the moments I’ve shared from year 3 of…

Year 3 collage.
Year 3 collage.

Awake my soul.

I went to the nearby hike and bike trail this morning. I’m really glad I did… saw spring popping everywhere.

I love the redbuds in bloom.

And the bluebonnets.

As I was jogging and walking I was streaming music over pandora and heard this song (Awake My Soul) for the first time. This part especially grabbed me:
“In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die
Where you invest your love, you invest your life.”


I managed to seriously strain my lower back overnight.  And all day today I have been terribly uncomfortable; not able to find a sitting or standing position where I wasn’t in pain. Sheesh.
Coincidentally, I had made an appointment for this evening at the hotel spa for a massage – which was fantastic.  Perfect timing.  I still am sore but I am as relaxed as I’m going to be.  It’s a very nice place.  I might need to squeeze in another treatment before I leave.
Here’s a few more shots from inside…



Sweet red peppers.

Oh man, I love roasted red peppers. I made up a batch for dinner tonight.

I blacken them whole right on top of the gas burner.


Sweat them in a ziploc bag to allow the skin to separate while they cool to the touch.


Cut them open to remove the stem and seeds.  Then scrape off the burnt skin leaving the sweet roasted meat.


I warmed them again in a 200 degree oven before filling them


For the filling I stirred up about an ounce of soft goat cheese per pepper, one minced clove of garlic and about a tablespoon of plain Greek yogurt and spread it on the insides of the peppers. Then folded them back up.


The presentation here isn’t great, but they were delicious!!

Be my valentine.

Time-worn heart.
Time-worn heart.

Another thing to celebrate this week… Happy Valentine’s Day!

I found this on the beach many years ago.  It is a rock that must have formed out of sediment inside a shell…you can still see some of the lines from the shell on the surface.  Over time, it’s been worn into the shape of a heart.   And after all those many years, it ended up in the surf in front of me, catching my eye.  I picked it up.  And now it’s mine.  🙂