The wild outside.

I love finding visitors just outside my kitchen window.

A napping fawn on the lawn Saturday afternoon:


A rare migrating Rufous (or possibly Allen’s?) hummingbird this morning hiding out from the rain.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Deer blind.

While cooking lunch yesterday, Monte saw a doe and her fawn right outside the kitchen window.  Mom seemed to be standing guard while baby was walking around in the planting bed around the big red oak.


After a few minutes mom slowly wandered out of view.   We couldn’t see baby either, but thought maybe mom had been putting the fawn in a safe place so she could go off to find food.   We have seen similar behavior before several years ago – I posted about that time here.   Apparently, a doe will leave a healthy fawn on its own in a safe place for up to as much as twelve hours, while they forage for food.

Turns out that is exactly what was going on.  I walked out front to see if I could spy the fawn, and sure enough, it had tucked itself in a deep hollow in the planting bed created by a new row of limestone Monte had placed there a few weeks back.  Safe and sound.


It was a pretty good hiding place.  When driving by the house later that night, I could only see the tips of the fawn’s ears above the limestone.   At 1 AM, I walked outside to check, and, sure enough, baby was gone.  Mom came back as promised.


May 31, 2011


Early this afternoon I was standing in the kitchen and saw a deer about 10 feet from the house.  I soon realized that she had a baby with her.  I was able to get several shots from between the slats of the wooden blinds. The baby can’t be very old.

After the mom and baby walked into the neighbor’s yard the fawn fell down while crossing the street.  I think it was scared of a car that was approaching very slowly.   The car hung around so long that the mom ran away!

We called 311 to see if they could tell us what the city might do if the baby is abandoned, and they said not much.  So, we are keeping a watch to see if the mom comes back.  😦

Update:  We kept an eye on the little guy all afternoon and evening.   When I woke up at 4 AM the next morning, i looked out the window to see this (momma deer laying down on the lawn next to where the fawn was).   Yay momma deer!

momma deer

I’m glad I saw this or I would have always wondered what happened to the baby deer.