Who’s here?

Keeto often asks us, “Who’s here?”   Well, this morning, when I opened up the blinds to look at the back yard, I was excited to see a flock of baltimore orioles in the bird bath/fountain that I put out in the spring.  There were many more in the trees above, taking turns bathing.   The orioles are currently migrating south for the winter.  In the spring, on their way north, I only got a moment’s glance at a single male baltimore oriole.  Today though, I got to enjoy them for about 15 minutes.   And then, poof, they were gone.   I hope they remember to stop here on their way back next spring.


Bathing beauty baby bluejay.

Baby jay in the bird bath.

We have lots of baby bluejays around the yard.  They take turns sitting in the bird bath and splashing.  This guy paused long enough for me to get a shot before he flew off.   It’s a bit grainy due to the zoom, but I’m posting it nonetheless.

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