Jan 23, 2011


The wide-ranging winter weather in Central Texas is driving me crazy.  One day it’s freezing, another it’s sunny and lovely…. freezing… sunny…..you get the picture.

The Shutterday photo challenge for Saturday was a snowman, so I dug up one of my favorite snowglobes to share with you – a momento from when I lived in nearby Louisiana.

Jan 15, 2011

Community theater.

If I’m married to a thespian, does that make me a thespian, too?  🙂   Tonight we got together with a several friends that have been a part of an amateur theater club where we worked over the span of many years (20 years?!).   We haven’t seen them in a number of years (shame on us).   The occasion was to attend a play that one of the other former club members has been involved in via a community theater troupe up in Leander.

The show was Rumors, by Neil Simon.  Funny.  And well done, guys!

Everytime we get together with some of the old Boca refugee crew everyone says “We really need to do this more often!”

We certainly do.   And I hope we will.

Dec 31, 2010

Last hurrah.

We plan to ring in the New Year with friends tonight.  This is a pre-party shot.

Looking back on 2010… it has been a good year.   This photo-a-day project has given me a reason to take time out each day to document a moment to share.  Maybe most importantly, just to take time out to see things.  And to focus on the good, rather than the bad.

I look forward to the new year and wish you a healthy, happy 2011!!!

Dec 27, 2010

I LOVE vacation!

We went for a bikeride this afternoon.  It was a sunny, crisp day.

We took a ride through nearby Yett Creek park and decided to go geocaching, since we had the GPS with us.  We found three caches (here’s a pic if you want to check them out) for which we had preloaded coordinates ahead of time.   I use the website geocaching.com to look up coordinates, and log the ones we find.

What a fun afternoon!

Dec 24, 2010

Segway segue.

It’s Christmas Eve!!  A bunch of us went downtown to take a Segway tour of Austin with SegCity.   I’ve been wanting to do this for a while.   Friends had relatives visiting so it was a fun opportunity to take one for a ride.

This is a shot of the 10 of us buzzing along south of Town Lake with some of the new skyline as a backdrop:  Laura, Denyse, Chris, Irene, Lori, Dave, Tricia, Dolia, Jake and our fearless tour guide in the lead.

It was fun.  Did you know SegCity is not just a Segway tour outfit, but a Segway dealer?!  I think I must have one of my own.  🙂

Dec 4, 2010


Austin is home to the Texas State History museum.  We learned recently that they admission is free on the first Saturday of each month.   So a month or so ago we made plans to check it out this weekend.

I have to say it was a nice way to spend several hours.   The lobby of the building was being decorated to the hilt for a fancy special event.   On our way out we learned that it was for someone’s wedding reception.  Wow.   That is going to set someone back a pretty penny.

Afterwards we made pizzas at the house and played with fellow wiificionados Marty and Sue.

Oct 11, 2010


The crack cocaine of Wii gaming


Our friends Marty and Sue were sweet to let us borrow their Wii Resort game.   They showed us the Island Flyover game in which you fly a plane over an island resort to find shooting targets and pop balloons.

I’ve said before that the Wii game is our speed of computer gaming.   This airplane game is a fun one, but can also lead to sleep deprivation.   It’s just a little addictive 😉

Jul 25, 2010


It’s truly amazing how easily entertained we can be.   We spent half the day anchored in the cove, floating out back, cracking eachother up.   I was trying to get a shot of the squishy-splash-ball as I caught it, but I mostly ended up getting Marty laughing as he hit his mark.   Good one, Marty!   🙂

Jul 20, 2010

Ok, so some days aren't so artistic...

Well.   Today is Tuesday.   I’m buried at work.  But time has come to hang it up for the night.

Monte and I aren’t what you call TV addicts.  Our favorite channel is the live weather radar channel.   We have taken a recent fancy to those quirky British comedies on PBS and more often than not we prefer to watch old timey movies on the classic movie channels.    There is one primetime show that we enjoy watching together, though — Mad Men.  Season 4 kicks off this weekend.   We didn’t really start watching the show until last season.  For his birthday I bought Monte Season 1 & 2 DVDs, so we could catch up.

We had about 3 episodes left to watch, and so we had our own mini-marathon tonight to finish the DVDs before the season premier this weekend.

Why am I telling you all this?   Well, I left my camera in a low resolution setting from the other day.  So any other shots I’d taken of pretty things looks very grainy.   I did happen to capture this screen shot documenting our Mad Men marathon.   So, that’s what you get for tonight.

Jun 27, 2010


Jen and Rob invited us to go tubing with them and their niece, Channing, today.   We did our traditional  San Marcos River extended float.   We go farther downstream past the official take out point where we park a car and trailer ahead of time to haul tubes and tubers back to the starting point.  That way we have a 3 hour float.

It hasn’t hit 100 degrees yet this year, so it’s a little unusual for us to go tubing until triple digit temps.   But we had a fun time.   The flow was unusually swift, so it was more work than your typical lazy float down the river.

This is a shot just as I entered the chute at the rapids.  I’ve never turned over before, but this time I did, and ended up losing my hat and sunglasses.   My hat was found a bit down river, but my prescription raybans are gone for good.   Oh well.   But it didn’t dampen the fun.

Can’t wait for the next float!

Jun 4, 2010

Mexican train

Tonight Jen joined us for dinner at our favorite Indian restaurant.  Afterward we came back to the house for a visit.

Rob and Jen introduced us to this domino game called Mexican Train.   Not sure why it’s called that, but it’s fun.   Monte won several times and I think Jen and I both won one.

This was one of the more impressive set of trains we built.

Choo choo!