Special place.

I love the Seattle waterfront. On Thursday Mom and I joined Fran, Aaron, Rebecca, Colleen and Jake for the afternoon. Took a ferry ride, rode the Great Wheel, found a few geocaches along the way, ate lunch, and took in another beautiful, sunny, Seattle day.


Good day.

Today was a pretty full day.   The weather was supposed to be colder and drizzly, but it turned out to be another lovely day with blue skies.   Keep ’em coming.

Mom and I went to the Armed Forces Day parade, one of the oldest and longest in the country.


I squeezed in a little geo-caching during the afternoon, and then headed over to Seattle to meet my sisters and spent a few hours on the waterfront.    We ducked into this little corner o’heaven to watch the Sounders game (win!).


And then caught the ferry home.   Pretty views from the stern.