Dec 7, 2010

The reason for the season.

I’m getting a slow start to Christmas decorations this year.  Tonight I hung the stockings by the fireplace with care.   I also set up my very small nativity display that I have been carrying around from place to place for probably about 20 years.

When I was little I remember looking forward to doing this every year with our family’s manger set.   Unpacking the figurines – each year they seemed to have a few more nicks and cracks.  Putting the fake straw and snow in the manger.  Putting the 3 kings on one side.  Putting the shepherds and animals on the other.   Baby Jesus under the light.

I don’t know when (or if) we’ll get around to putting up a tree, or lights on the outside of the house this year.  But at least, as of now, we are officially decorated for Christmas.  🙂