Sunday ups & downs.

The ups:
A trip to the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar.

The music was really nice, as usual – the band Sons of Fathers was playing while I was there.

This afternoon we found a nearby bar that the local Seahawks club meets up to watch games, which was a fun experience.

The downs:
The Seahawks lost 😦

Next week I guess…

Down at the Armadillo.

Inside Palmer Events Center.
Inside Palmer Events Center.

‘Tis the season for the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar!!  This is the 37th year of the Bazaar.  If you go, you can find local artists showing and selling their wares (over 150 artists this year), live music on a stage in the center of the hall, and food/drinks to fortify you as you make the rounds.  If you are anywhere near Austin between now and Christmas Eve, check it out.

While I was there tonight, Marcia Ball and Kimmie Rhodes shared the stage from 8-10pm – great music!  Here’s the obligatory shot from the floor…

Marcia Ball & Kimmie Rhodes.
Marcia Ball & Kimmie Rhodes.


One more time.

Armadillo artist.

I made another run to the Armadillo Bazaar tonight with some friends.  This is a shot of some prints from Texas Photomontage artists Carl & Betsy Crum.  There are over 150 other artists there, too.

Another of my favorite musicians was playing tonight – Marcia Ball w/ Bill Kirchen.

Marcia Ball @ the Armadillo Bazaar.

Down at the Dillo.

Eliza Gilkyson's set.

Earlier today we were baking cookies and grilling wings to bring to a party at Kurt and Barbara’s tonight.  With all those preparations done we headed downtown to the 36th annual Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, which kicked-off on Wednesday and runs through Christmas Eve.  It’s an Austin-style combination of art and music festival, with local artists selling their work to Christmas shoppers, and 3-4 musicians/bands per day scheduled to play sets on the floor among the artists’ booths.  You can gather round the stage and watch, or listen to the live music from anywhere in the event center, as you’re doing your shopping.  It’s an event I look forward to, more for the music than the shopping, and I usually go a couple of times each year.

Today one of my favorites, Eliza Gilkyson, was playing at 3:30.   I enjoyed her set.

We were back home in time to get ready for the party,  which was a great time.  We got a chance to visit with all our B-dock buddies — with the onset of colder weather and the shorter days that Autumn brings, it’s been a while since everyone saw eachother.  Mark your calendars for Wednesday, December 21 at 11:30 PM, which is when the winter solstice occurs in Austin, after which the length of each day beings to increase again (yay!).

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