Mid-week lake run.

We headed to the lake after work tonight to meet Lynn, Dan, and their niece Paige at the marina. We headed to the cove for a float and dinner on the boat. A good time was had by all. This is a shot after sunset with Venus to the right of the crescent moon.
Pretty sky.


Conjunction, junction, what’s your function?

Jupiter, Venus, the Moon and Aldebaran.

I awoke this morning to the sound of Monte getting up and going outside.  He had been planning on watching this morning’s quadruple conjunction of the crescent Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Aldebaran.  So, I hopped out of bed too.  I grabbed my camera and he dug out the tripod.

It was 6 AM and the sun was already starting to come up.   An hour earlier would have been better, light-wise, but the event was clearly visible from our front yard.

In the shot above, Jupiter is on the top.  Venus is below, it is at its brightest this month.  If you look closely, you can see the star Aldebaran on the right side of the frame (vertically about halfway between the Moon and Venus).  There is another faint star to the bottom left of Jupiter, but I don’t know what that one is called.

It was a pretty sight.  It is always thrilling to see the dance of the moon, planets and stars.  This morning the clouds lifted and we were treated to a great view.

The golden hour.

Bass #3.

This afternoon, though it was very chilly, we headed to the lake for some fishing.   We picked up Joe, Kurt and Wally and motored over to the docks across the lake.  Wally caught the first bass, and Monte caught 2 more.

We headed back to the marina as the sun was slipping away.   I love the light at this time of day on the lake.  It is the golden hour.    The shot above is of monte’s 2nd fish, lit up by the golden sunset.

The shot below is of the sun as it was setting.


The shot below is from the cockpit of the catboat, after the sun has set.  I love the colors of the sky at dusk.


And this last shot is of the crescent moon, with Venus to its left, as viewed from B-Dock, through the Christmas lights on Allegro’s rigging, as we were heading for home.

Crescent moon & Venus.

A good day, indeed.

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