My sister and her family are visiting us for a week.   We are having more fun than six people should.  We tubed the San Marcos River today, and hit the Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood for dinner on the way home. Delicious.  

Photo credit to Fran.  🙂


We went toobing today on the San Marcos. It’s always a great time – we try to make it out there at least once every summer. It’s funny, all the toobing photos from every year look like exactly the same trip. 🙂


Monday of VACATION for Sheila!  Today Lori played hooky, and we hit the San Marcos Outlet Malls (north and south).  We showed up before the stores even opened!   It was awesome.  We had the entire place to ourselves (almost).   I don’t do this very often – i think the last time I made it down here was 2 years ago.   But when I do go, i like to perform a surgical strike on only the stores I am interested in seeing.  No leisurely windowshopping for me.  I expect a call any time now from my credit card company asking if my card has been stolen.

We cleaned up!   I ran into Santa and he gave me some of the presents he got for monte – said it would save him a trip.

I also (finally!) found an area rug to replace the one in the game room that is showing lots of wear and tear.   I don’t enjoy shopping for rugs.  They all look the same, and nothing ever grabs me.   This time, i found one – at the Pottery Barn outlet.  The price was right… AND it fit in Lori’s car, so, even better.

Once I put it on the floor I decided that now we need a new couch, chair and ottoman to go with it.  🙂


Up a creek with a paddle.

A fun Friday.

Today we hooked the trailer up, packed up my kayak and stopped by the marina to borrow another one from friends on b-dock.  We are headed to the San Marcos river, which we have tubed for many years, but this time are going to paddle.

The San Marcos is a spring-fed river, and even though we are in a severe drought, it continues to flow with crystal clear, cool water.  We put in at City Park here, and first paddled upstream as far as we could go.  Then we paddled down stream to the Lion’s Club take-out point and took our kayaks over the 3 rapids there and went a little farther downstream.

As we headed back we got a workout on a couple sections, and in carrying the kayaks back up the rocks around the 3 rapids.

As usual, I like to look for found objects.  I would have loved to have found my prescription raybans that I lost last summer on the rapids, but I didn’t.  We did however find a couple pairs of flip flops.   I found a matched pair of Corona flip flops, one upstream and one downstream, and Monte has claimed these (you can see the first one that I found in the picture above.  I hadn’t found its mate yet).  I also found a matched pair of little baby flip flops, which we gave to a woman and her baby that were playing in the water when we got back to City Park.

We took lots of pictures.  It’s funny that I’ve never noticed how many fish are in the river.  I guess all the times we have tubed we didn’t really notice because you aren’t looking down into the river when perched on your tube.

Here is a picture of a water bird striking an odd pose that we encountered along the way…

Odd bird.


Fun in the sun.

A float trip down the San Marcos – we do it at least once every summer after the temps hit 100, and today was the 39th day this year that qualified.

While googling for info on 100 degree days in Austin, I found an article from about this time last year that said it still hadn’t hit 100 yet.  Wow.  I don’t remember it being a (relatively) mild summer last year.  This summer has been a scorcher. No worries, though, we have many ways to beat the heat.

Toobers in attendance:  me, monte, lori, dave, jake, laura and dolia.  Even with the drought the San Marcos was flowing fine – the fact that it’s a spring-fed river has a lot to do with that, I think.

We stopped at the official take out point at the rapids, played a while, ate lunch and then continued on to our favorite take out point farther down the river.    At the portage point with the waterfall, we stopped and played for a while – squeezing our way in underneath the falls.

We definitely have to come out another time this summer. It’s always a great time. And this time, I’m happy to report, I didn’t lose anything in the river.

We saw many kayakers on the river today and a couple of SUPs, too. Maybe we’ll make one of our next trips with kayaks, and see how much more of the river we can explore.