Monday of VACATION for Sheila!  Today Lori played hooky, and we hit the San Marcos Outlet Malls (north and south).  We showed up before the stores even opened!   It was awesome.  We had the entire place to ourselves (almost).   I don’t do this very often – i think the last time I made it down here was 2 years ago.   But when I do go, i like to perform a surgical strike on only the stores I am interested in seeing.  No leisurely windowshopping for me.  I expect a call any time now from my credit card company asking if my card has been stolen.

We cleaned up!   I ran into Santa and he gave me some of the presents he got for monte – said it would save him a trip.

I also (finally!) found an area rug to replace the one in the game room that is showing lots of wear and tear.   I don’t enjoy shopping for rugs.  They all look the same, and nothing ever grabs me.   This time, i found one – at the Pottery Barn outlet.  The price was right… AND it fit in Lori’s car, so, even better.

Once I put it on the floor I decided that now we need a new couch, chair and ottoman to go with it.  🙂



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