My sister and her family are visiting us for a week.   We are having more fun than six people should.  We tubed the San Marcos River today, and hit the Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood for dinner on the way home. Delicious.  

Photo credit to Fran.  🙂


We went toobing today on the San Marcos. It’s always a great time – we try to make it out there at least once every summer. It’s funny, all the toobing photos from every year look like exactly the same trip. 🙂


Fun in the sun.

A float trip down the San Marcos – we do it at least once every summer after the temps hit 100, and today was the 39th day this year that qualified.

While googling for info on 100 degree days in Austin, I found an article from about this time last year that said it still hadn’t hit 100 yet.  Wow.  I don’t remember it being a (relatively) mild summer last year.  This summer has been a scorcher. No worries, though, we have many ways to beat the heat.

Toobers in attendance:  me, monte, lori, dave, jake, laura and dolia.  Even with the drought the San Marcos was flowing fine – the fact that it’s a spring-fed river has a lot to do with that, I think.

We stopped at the official take out point at the rapids, played a while, ate lunch and then continued on to our favorite take out point farther down the river.    At the portage point with the waterfall, we stopped and played for a while – squeezing our way in underneath the falls.

We definitely have to come out another time this summer. It’s always a great time. And this time, I’m happy to report, I didn’t lose anything in the river.

We saw many kayakers on the river today and a couple of SUPs, too. Maybe we’ll make one of our next trips with kayaks, and see how much more of the river we can explore.

Jun 27, 2010


Jen and Rob invited us to go tubing with them and their niece, Channing, today.   We did our traditional  San Marcos River extended float.   We go farther downstream past the official take out point where we park a car and trailer ahead of time to haul tubes and tubers back to the starting point.  That way we have a 3 hour float.

It hasn’t hit 100 degrees yet this year, so it’s a little unusual for us to go tubing until triple digit temps.   But we had a fun time.   The flow was unusually swift, so it was more work than your typical lazy float down the river.

This is a shot just as I entered the chute at the rapids.  I’ve never turned over before, but this time I did, and ended up losing my hat and sunglasses.   My hat was found a bit down river, but my prescription raybans are gone for good.   Oh well.   But it didn’t dampen the fun.

Can’t wait for the next float!

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